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This is my first blog entry. I'm going to write about my life and about things that interest me.
I love taking photos. I use to do it with a good friend. We take photos of flowers and about other things in the nature. I also love music. I listen to many artists like Rihanna and One direction.

I also love dancing. It makes me feel very happy!
A good friend of me is Sophie. She is very kind and I can have a lot of fun with here. We take a lot of photo's together and edit them on the computer. That is really funny! But now we have to do a lot for school so I don't know if i have time to see her so much the next months, but I really hope so, because as I said we have a lot of fun together!:) Well, this was my first blog entry and I hope you guys liked it!


I'm going to write about London.
I think it is a beautiful city. You can go there for shopping or just be a tourist and look at touristattractions!

As you all know the Olympics were there this year. I think it was a really great event! The opening ceremony and the end ceremony were beautiful! Also because One Direction was there of course :)The athletes can do amazing things! I really like to look at synchronized swimming! I mean, they jump out of the water like it is very easy! But it is actually very difficult! A friend of mine is doing synchronized swimming. That is really cool!:) But of course all the other sports on the Olympics also are very great to look at!!

So, I really think London is a great city!

- Strikje

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