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If you want to know about a super holiday, you have to read this! Last summer I went to Spain near to Barcelona. When I was there the first week a big fire woke up, I almost had to evacuate because it started smoking. Eventually that was the biggest fire in 14 years. After that interesting expierence I went to Barcelona. My favourite football club is FC Barcelona, that's why I'd bought my 7th shirt of that club when I was there. After three awesome weeks I went back to The Netherlands. A few days later I went to Bonn for a week, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the scouting group where I was in. There I went hiking through beautiful places for 12 hours after each other. It was the prettiest place I've ever hiked in. 2 days later I went to Cologne. When I was back home I went sky-gliding in an open airplane. My holiday was very enjoyable.

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