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Hello this is my first blog.
I really don't what to say in it but I try.
First of all my name is Stef W.
What the w is you can't now.
But I gonna tell a cool story.
once I get to a market and then I saw a guy
Not strange thing or something.
But the guy said: He I wants to be a patato when I grow up.
So I said okeeeee that isn't possible but okay.
He said Oh noooooooooo I want to be a patato .
Then he cried and he ran away.
Then later that month I saw him on school.
He was crying in the bathroom because he still wants to be a patato.

Hello everybody today I going to make a second blog.
Yesterday I went to my soccer training at the soccerfield.
Whe have training from 7:30 until 8:30.
So we had an team meeting.
A half of the team wasn't there so our trainers where pissed of .
Whe went training and 8 a clock the rest came so whe were alomost finished.
The they get punnisched because they came to late.
At 8:30 we quit. But the rest went on until 9:30 .
So the rest where very mad but we leave .
So that was the story of the training.
Hello and welcome again.
This is the third time i write an blog
Yesterday I went to school. Like evrybody.
But i was to early. So I went to the AH and bought an melon.
I went to school again an when I arrived there evryone was looking like ??????
So evryone wants a piece of it but I said No.
Then I eat the hole melon by myself.
Then when it was gone, I feeled crap.
When te school was finished I went home and spit it out
So that was my day
I hope that you enjoyed and see you later

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