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St. Anthony's Girls' College.

St.Anthony's Girls' College Kandy
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St. Anthony's girls college was started on 10th May 1938 by Honourable father Corne Hyid.
It was a Catholic school and now a Buddhist school.
In 2020 St.Anthony's Girls' College will celebrate the 82nd anniversary
St. Anthony's Girls' College Kandy.
Old Girls' Association of St. Anthony's Girls' College
Present St. Anthony's Girls' College.
*There are over 4000 pupils in the school.
*It is a very popular Girls school in Kandy and the whole Central Province.
*Children of religions are learning in the school.
*From Grade 6 upto there is English Medium.
*There are Sinhala, Tamil mediums from Grade 1 and upto.

-There is a beautiful garden in the entrance.
-There are 2 gardens.
*They are:
~In the primary section
~ In the secondary section.
-There are very beautiful buildings belonging to SAGC.

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