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Sponge Bob is very happy in every place.He likes to go to jellifish fields and blow bubbles.He is very nice to all the people of bikini bottom.Sponge Bob has a best friend: his name is Patrick.But Squiward doesn't like Sponge Bob.Patrick and Sponge Bob have so much fun together.Sponge Bob has a pet, his name is Gary.Sponge Bob loves Gary.

PATRICK Patrick is a star.He lives under a rock. Squiward doesn't like Patrick.He is happy in every place.But he doesn't do much.The only things he does is sleeping and playing with Sponge Bob.His best friend is Sponge Bob.He likes to go in adventures with his best friend Sponge Bob.He is very funy.Patrick's neighbours are Sponge Bob and Squiward.

SQUIWARD Squiward never is happy.He doesn't like the people of bikini bottom.He lives in a face.He loves to paint and play his clarinet.He works at the krusty krab with Mister Krabs and Spoge Bob.He doesn't like to work there.Squiward never gets to play his clarinet or paint because Sponge Bob and Patrick.Squiward dreams of been in concerts.

PLACKTON Plackton wants to steal the secret formula to make the chum bucket a good restaurant.He always fails to steal the secret formula of the krusty krab.He is evil in every place.He has a computer wife named Karen.The chum bucket isn't a very good restaurant.Plackton builds very many things to steal the secret formula of the krusty krab.

MISTER KRABS Mister Krabs is always cheap.He loves money and Mrs Puf.He's the boss of the krusty krab.He's the enemy of Plackton that never has got the secret formula of the krusty krab.He lives in a anchor with his daughter Perl.Perl is a wale she's 16 years old and she goes to high school with her friends.Mister Krabs makes all her birthdays boring.

SANDY Sandy is a squirrel.She lives in a bowl with a tree and her things.She is a scientist and a karate master.She eats nuts and also hibernate.She needs a custome with air to breathe.She creates a lot of things and goes to very much places.She's from Texas.She does karate with Spoge Bob she also tells a few tricks of karate. Sponge Bob also likes karate.

MRS PUFF Mrs Puff is a driving teacher.Her boating school is named Mrs Puff's boating school.She does class to very many people including Sponge Bob.He is a very bad driver and never passes his exams of boating school.Mrs Puff doesn't like Sponge Bob because he drives very bad.

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