Daily life - About me & friends
Im looking for the REAL FRIENDS!

When im boring
I'd like to take photos of many things around me
And I want to be a king of expression today haha

Im a bad girl!ha~
I really want U to C something 2 me
That's not difficult,right?

Im little sad now
Nobody leave any message 2 me

I will always here
Welcome U

I will play with my classmates tomorrow!
We are nearly 3 years don't see each others!
I'm exciting now!; D
Fortunately we are still in the same city~
They must be changed ,right?
I have no idea...
I'm looking for the clothes for tomorrow haha~

Here's some photos of the things of my middle school~
(I guess if U are not chinese student, U can't finish our homework
Because that's really soooooo difficult!!!Plx look at the first picture= =)

We met each other yesterday.
Everybody is changed
They are taller,fatter,more confident.
But someone let me heat.
I met my friend of my middle school
And we chated all the afternoon in the KTV.
She was very amazed when she heard the scret of mine.

I'm in the forth picture,can U C?
And she is in the last picture haha ~

I watched a movie on my computer just now
It's called"Aquamarine"
I watched it last year actually and love it!
I like Emma Roberts soooooo much!
That's why i watched this movie at the first time
But I'm really like this movie at last: )
I love the feeling of every minutes of the movie
Like the fans of the movie says
"I wanna be a girl who is confident and brave like them"
Well,U won't miss it,Right?
When i watched "Aquamarine"just now...

It's different from the feeling of last year; D

I find my mom's photo 3 weeks ago
Someone said that she was a beauty,right?
= =
But a lots things changed her
Like watch me,teach me,cook me,home work...
She is always living for me&the family...

Love U mommy
Always I do.

I like taking photos of Flowers.
I dont know if you like it.
And i also like drawing,especially Chinese painting&Japanese anime.
I like singing the most,
TS,Lana Del Ray,Lady Antebellum,Owl City,Colbie Caillat...
I dont want to be a singer or a painter actually
I want to be a designer all the time and want to work at "Alexander McQueen".
But one day,if i have a long rest,i want to be a writer really: )

I'm living in ChengDu SiChuan China.
If U r travelling here one day but dont know where to go and nobody play with U.
U can tell me~
We will be good friends^^

I miss my friends now
But no matter how
Nobody wants to go out for making fun= =
well,we have been left our middle school for a week
We over the life of 3 years there /
It's hardly to say goodbye...

I especially miss them
We are not the same school but we are good friends
We were go out for eating,bar,and dancing with each others
Em..Does it sounds ...Strange?
Haha~i'm a strange person actually.

I miss U Jane&Ms Pig...

I believe that every fans of Gossip Girl know her,Right?
Someone told me that Gossip Girl isn't popular in USA
But it's really hot in China.
Maybe it is beacause of the pretty clothes and actor&actress
Like:Black Lively
Well,she is a attractive girl.
Chance Crawford.
What a pretty boy!
He's a handsome boy with beatiful eyes
Yeah,Pretty good.
But i like Queen B the most you know
Leighton Meester!
Her name is sooo long that i cannot remember
She is lovely
She is the real beauty!

Yes,This is a photo of her.

Im looking for the REAL FRIENDS! (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Sophie - China

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