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So Sometimes I Draw🥴

So I draw sometimes and they arent always great, but I'm going to share them with you. :)

The "Burn" drawing with the burning/melting hand is my favorite for sure.

I also definitely like my Alice in Wonderland drawings. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie. The first one is a drawing of a scene from the movie, the red roses is a drawing based off of the scene and song "Painting the Roses Red". The third is a keyhole with Alice in Wonderland characters coming out of it. I drew that December 2018- January 2019. Most of these are recent.

The first one is just a bunch of flowers I drew during 1 school day. The second is a bigger version of my art project. The third is a hand, good vs. Bad kinda, with a bunch of hands around it. The pineapple bracelet is there bc i love pineapples lol.

The first is me, i drew the right side in 6th grade, i used the post-it to cover my name and school name. The second is something i did for LGBTQ+ Pride. The third is a drawing of the Cinderella castle at WDW. The fourth is a miscellaneous group of drawings. The fifth is one of the walls i have in my room with things i colored on it.
Thats it for now.🤷‍♀️

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