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Miley and Noah Cyrus

the miley and noah blog
Welcome to my Miley and Noah Cyrus fansite.This is also a fanclub so i must wait while to get everything straight i will try and update news everyday about miley an noah.Also i would like to say this I AM NOT MILEY OR NOAH. A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THAT I AM THEM BUT I AM NOT I AM JUST FAN WHO MADE A FANSITE.Please no mean,nasty or rude comments on my site i would like to keep my fansite clean thank you and enjoy.

Noah Lindsey Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Birthday-November 23,1992
Family-Tish (mom),Billy Ray (Dad),(Half brother and Sister) Brandi and Trace,little brother and sister Braison Chase and Noah Lindsey
Favorite Color-Pink and Green
Best Friend-Tori Lou,Lesile Patterson,Her Mom
22 or 21 pets
Name-Destiny Hope Cyrus aka Miley (dad used to call her smiley later shortened to miley)
Favorite Food Chinese,Roman Noodles
I Think So Fact-She is a Vegitarian
Favorite Time Of Day-Night 1:00 a.m
Favorite Drink-Snapple
Favorite Fast Food Place- I-N-Out

More Coming Soon

Noah Cyrus

Birthday-January 8,2000
Name-Noah Lindsey Cyrus
Best Friends-Miley
Favorite Color-Pink
Hair Color-Blonde

More Coming Soon

A poster i made at glassgiant DONT TAKE

Another one i made at glassgiant DONT TAKE

The Noah Gallery
(all noah pictures are from the fansite Noah

Noah at a mileyworld concert Dont Take these pictures because the are property of Noah

A very old picture of Noah and Miley Dont Take Noah property

A picture from MileyWorld see the tags

A Very Cute Video of Noah when she was six or five

Dont Steal This property of Noah

A banner made by Hein Vo from Noah

Another nice banner made by Hein Vo from Noah

More Noah Cyrus pictures will be added soon just Dont Take Them
(Also the icon was made be Hein Vo to)
The Miley Gallery
(all of these pictures are from and Miley Cyrus Source)

Cute Miley!!

Miley in the Garden

Miley always has to have her shoes

Smiley Miley

Miley Is So Pretty Dont You Think


Miley Rockin Out

Miley Shopping (:cute headband miley:)

More Miley pictures will be added soon so DONT TAKE
Miley and Noah Videos

miley and noah on the emperors new school

A Miley and Noah Video

More Video's will added later (:

A Wallpaper i made you can use it on your desktop

Also Dont Call This Your's Because it's Stealing

A Miley Wallpaper

Thank You for coming to my Fansite and Fanclub i hope you liked it.I would like to thank sites for letting me use their pictures Noahonline, and Miley Cyrus Source they are all great fansites awesome in fact.Well i will be adding more through out the week and tell me what you think of my fansite/fanclub but please dont be mean like saying bad words or anything nasty please i want to keep my fansite and fanclub clean.I Hope you enjoyed my fansite and fanclub i will be adding more and thank you for coming.(:

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