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My name is Sarah Binte Saifuddin,and I am a twelve-year-old Malay girl living in the Northern side of Singapore,Yishun.
Or is that Yishun,Singapore?
My subject is 'Daily Life' and so I will depict the daily hustle and bustle of Singapore life in my very own eyes. Do note that I can get carried away but I am not one to curse. I will try to be as neutral as possible in my explainations to do justice for all the races in our multi-racial society consisting of Chinese,Malays,Indians and Eurasians.
With me,you will be able to see the petty and major things in Singapore,both good and bad. Life in Singapore is quite nice once you get used to it (which is never,actually). But I will do my best to depict the slice of busy,hectic life of Singapore and its citizens to the best of my ability. Oh,and the posts will be inspired by my actual life,of course,with a little tweak here and there.
And so with wide hands I welcome you to my Singapura Days!

Ps.If you're wondering why my English is so high-class it's because if I don't speak liddat all the Singlish come out. Neh. Can know already. Btw,Singlish is what Singaporeans converse in. (Singapore+English)
I live in Yishun,a quiet humble town located at the north of Singapura. Where I live,there are no big-shot shopping malls or flashy cinemas with the execption of Northpoint Shopping Centre(but that dosen't really count since its three bus stops away from my house). Yishun is not like Orchard Road which gleams with eye-straining neon lights and rows,rows,rows of branded shopping malls.

Not many people frequent Yishun,because like I said,it's not that worth visiting. But it is certainly a wonderful place to live in nonetheless. There is a coffee shop which is almost always filled with people. The transportation service here is really wonderful,because everyone gets to pack each other against each other at that tiny bus stop before the bus actually arrives. Taxis come once in a blue moon and even then they are only stopping to take a kopi(coffee) break at the coffee shop.

Directly opposite the coffee shop is the country club SAFRA. Next to it is the newly built hospital Khoo Teck Phuat,which offers mr bean delicacies and pricey malay food. Yishun is so peaceful that the hospital takes on a look of peace,like in a park where everyone saunters around(unlike Tan Tock Seng Hospital which busyness is comparable to the GSS-Great Singapore Sale). There are rarely any real emergencies here so I doubt the usefulness of the hospital but it's always good to be prepared. There is also a polyclinic right next to the hospital which kind of defeats the purpose of it,don't you think?

Everyday I wake up at 6 and get ready in my uniform consisting of a blue shirt and a navy blue skirt,knee-length of course. You can never be too careful,and once in awhile our school carries out spot checks:nails,hair,earrings,shoes,socks and so on and so forth. I drink a cup of Milo,which always seems to give me chocolaty moustaches no matter how I drink it. I go to school on the back of my mother's bicycle,and she rides us to the checkpoint,where Khatib MRT is. My school is directly behind and my mother's bus which leads to her workplace is at the busstop which makes it all the more convinient.(Sorry,i can't spell that.)I guess the worst part is walking to school,with that 3kg bag all mounted on my shoulders. Every step is like a nightmare.

But when you think of the friends you're going to meet and the new things you're going to learn,acadamic and phsychological,your feet pick up and school actually seems a bit less boring. I'm sure,one day it'll all pay off,so we might as well live it to its fullest.
Today,we're having lunch at the Kopitiam,the name of a really popular coffee shop.
Although it could be argued that Kopitiam is not a proper kopitiam(lit. coffee shop)because it is
1.Air conditioned-most people prefer the open coffee shops where you can fully capture the smells,sights and sounds.
2.Not that cheap-the main selling point of a coffee shop is actually its cheap rates because it is considered a cheap,fast and easy alternative to posh restaurants where they serve you an arm's length of a china plate and a rabbit's worth of carrot cake or sauteed fish or whatever.
3.The seats are actually metal+plastic and stuff,a bit like mc donald's. -genuine coffeeshops have plastic chairs and foldable tables.

But every Singaporean loves their food,and such pleasure do not always come cheap. For a plate of sumptuous honey-glazed satay,which is served as skewered meat onto a wooden much-longer-than-a-toothpick-but-is-like-one stick with sweet gravy filled with submerged nut bits, you pay around SGD$10. And of course,who could forget the mighty king of all fruits the durian! Smelling like "hell" and tasting like "heaven",this thorny fruit bears delicous pulp-ish(what) thingy enveloping a hard orange seed. It's yellow,and the taste is beyond bananas. If anyone were to set foot in Singapore and not taste durian at all,it would be the same as not even visiting us in the first place.

Of course,we live in a multi-racial soceity,and so the food here ranges from rojak to char kway teow to prata to nasi briyani to devil's curry to ice kacang(a must taste!) We love our food so much,so do have a bite or two of the original Singaporean's taste when you drop by. Although there are Mc Donald's and Wendy's and Popeye's and 7-11,most of us prefer the traditional cuisine,simply because that is how Singaporeans are.


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