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The Simpsons - What do you know about them ?


Homer Simpson, 39 years old, is the average American. He spends more time at Moe's than with his family and he's almost always slumped in his couch, watching TV, with a beer. But beyond its paunchy bald appearance, Homer is actually a dare-devil and lives extraordinary adventures. Employee at the nuclear power plant, he's often away and tries new jobs. Whatever he works for Apu, he's a cop or Mr. SnowPlow, he'll be always the same, endearing Homer. His parents are Mona Simpson, a sweet outlaw and Abraham Simpson, an old rambler, who paints the town red. His best friends are Lenny and Carl. And he hates his neighbour, Ned Flanders.

In season 2, when Homer's hair grows back by an expensive lotion, he reaches the junior middle manager's rank. Karl becomes his assistant. He's more than devoted and tries to protect Homer from Smithers' jealousy. Homer performs in jumping over The Springfield Gorge in skate, instead of Bart.
Homer risks to die after he had eaten a fish named «Fugu» in a Japanese restaurant. Homer ruined his half-brother, Herbert Powell, by creating an awful expensive car.

In season 3, Homer creates a wonderful cocktail but Moe steals the recipe and becomes rich and famous instead.Homer becomes Lurleen Lampkin's impresario, who is a country singer.

In season 4, Homer becomes Mr. SnowPlow.

In season 5, we learn that Homer used to be a member of a quartet with Skinner, Apu, and Chief Wiggum (thereafter replaced by Barney). That group named «The Be Mol ». Homer comes back to college. Homer is charmed by Mindy, his colleague.Homer goes to space.
Homer becomes temporally friend with Flanders.

In season 6, Homer is accused to be a pervert, but Willie the gardener will prove the opposite. .

Homer becomes the Stonecutters' chief and feels smug.

In season 7, Homer finds again his mother before she disappears again. Homer sets up a bowling team.

Homer fights with the 41th president of the USA, George H.W. Bush.

Homer leaves on tour with some rockers and amuses the audience by receiving balls on stomach.

In season 8, Homer becomes a king of the ring and Moe is his manager.Homer eats a hot pepper and gets hallucinations. Homer dubbed the voice of Poochie, a new character in Itchy and Scratchy. Homer's life is saved by a homosexual is no longer a homophobic.
We discover Homer's enemy : Frank Grimms.

In season 9, Homer hires in the Marines, takes hold on of a nuclear submarine and causes an international conflit. Homer becomes garbage men's chief but pollutes the city.

In season 10, Homer goes to Las Vegas with his neighbour, Ned Flanders.Homer becomes an inventor and models Thomas Edison.Homer turns into an artist, after he had tried, in vain, to put up the barbecue. He will know an ephemeral glory.

In season 11, Homer becomes Mel Gibson's friend.Homer becomes a food critic.Homer becomes missionary.

In season 12, Homer creates a website where he tells the truth. But he's kidnapped and he's taken on an island where he's silenced.When Moe takes off a pencil in Homer's brain, he becomes more clever, but less happy/ He gets closer to Lisa until he decides to turn back into what he was before. Homer starts a hunger strike until the baseball local team's manager confesses that the team will secretly be moved to Albuquerque. Homer creates a kindergarten.

In season 13, Accused to have killed Mrs Bellamy, an elderly rich person, Homer is convicted to die on the electric chair. Because Homer had become a great cop, Fat Tony tries to kill him and fortunately, Maggie saves him.
Thanks to Bart, Homer becomes the hero of a comedy called «Angry Dad » that will become thereafter a cartoon.

In season 14, Homer's family signs up for him in a Rock N Roll camp where he'll meet Mick Jagger.
Frank Grime's son tries to kill Homer.For a short time, Homer becomes the nuclear power plant's boss.
After he had an argument with Marge, Homer moves with two gays housemates.
Homer creates a Christmas carol about Flanders and he becomes famous.

In season 15
, Homer finds again his mother, Mona, for the second time. Duringa London's trip, Homer hits the Queen's carriage.Homer becomes avenger and gets « Tartman » as name.

In season 16, Homer buys a mobile home.
Homer makes a friend named Ray Magini. True friend or imaginary friend ?

In season 17, Homer is candidate to be the Springfield's mayor.
Homer manages the nuclear power plant recently relocated in India.


Eight years old, Lisa is a gifted girl. Sensitive, clever and not much sociable, Lisa gets bored in her classroom and dream about intellectual challenge. Passionate with saxophone, she becomes friend with Murphy, a saxophone player like her. But beyond her little shy girl appearance, Lisa is a rebel who is always ready to fight for her ideas.

In season 1, Lisa meets Murphy.

In season 2, Lisa falls in love with her substitute teacher, Mr Bergstorm.

Season 3, Lisa goes to Washingtona she won the «Reader Digest » contest.
Lisa obtains her poney.Lisa becomes rebel when she learns that she's able to become a housewive after she has done the Ability Career test.

In season 4
, Lisa is elected Little Miss Springfield.
We discover that Lisa's first word is «Bart».
Lisa goes out with Ralph.

In season 5
,Lisa starts her own brand of speaking dolls.

In season 6, we discover Lisa's rival : Alison.
Lisa becomes super good at ice hockey.A fortune teller predicts Lisa's future : she'll marry a British man but unfortunately they'll broke up.
Lisa's idol, Murphy Bleeding Gums, dies.

In season 7
, Lisa becomes vegetarian.
Lisa discovers the truth about Jebediah Springfield. Lisa makes friend with a group of teenagers while she's in holidays near the sea.

In season 8
, Lisa goes out with Nelson.Lisa becomes a baby-sitter. Lisa helps Mr Burns to be rich again.
Lisa signs up to military school.

In season 9
, we discover how Lisa gets her saxophone.Lisa works on the presentation of a television news for children.

In season 10, Lisa becomes friend with Springfield's Utopians and wants to transform the city into a perfect one.

In season 11
, Lisa takes care of the house while Marge is at the hospital.We discover the Simpsons 30 years later : Lisa is the president of the USA.Lisa signs up to a tap-dacing lesson but she doesn't like her teacher.

In season 12, Lisa falls in love with an elder idealist boy.Lisa is mistreated by the new school's bully, Franny.

In season 13
, Lisa becomes Buddhist.Lisa goes to the university instead of primary school.

In season 14, Lisa wins the spelling contest at school, and she's invited at Spellympics.

In season 15, Lisa becomes classroom's delegate but Skinner manipulates her. Lisa becomes jealous of Maggie, considered as the smartest of the Simpsons after she taken some tests.

In season 16, in the future, Lisa will go out with Milhouse and wants to enter Yale.Lisa participates to a chant contest for children.

In season 20, Lisa participates to a crossword contest. Lisa becomes addict to Marple items.
Lisa becomes friend with Juliette and lives in an imaginary world.Lisa tries to be popular.Lisa goes to Waverly Hills' school and pretend to know a young popstar, Alaska Nebraska.


39 years old woman, Marge is the typical American mother who takes care of her three children and who is crazy of them. Marge is often the voice of reason and helps her family to get out of complicated situations. But Marge also knows how to be cool, she's able to have fun in driving a super high car.
Marge is really kind and can help every person she will meet.

Season 1, Marge falls in love with Jack, an attractive bowling teacher.

Season 2, Marge paints Mr Burns. Although Mr Burns is a decrepit sourpuss old man, Marge will try to find a way to beautify him in her painting.

Season 4
, Marge gets the first rôle in a musical adaptation of the play named «A Streetcar named Desire ».
Marge gets a job in the nuclear power plant and Mr Burns falls in love with her. Marge steals inadvertently an item in the Kwik-E-Mart and she's sent to jail.

Season 5, Marge goes for a jaunt in car with her neighbour, Ruth Powers.
But Ruth confessed that she stole the car to her ex-husband and the two women are followed by the police.

Season 6, Marge confesses that she's scared of taking the plane. She sees a therapist and discover that her phobia dates back to her chilhood, because of her father. Marge joins the police.

Season 7, Marge buys a Channel dress and she's invited at the city's Country Club. But she realised that she doesn't feel comfortable in high society.

Season 8, Marge gets into the bretzels sales.
Marge is stressed out about her children's education and starts to lose her hair. But Shary Bobbins, a nanny, will help her.

Season 9
, Marge becomes an estate agent.

Season 11
, When Becky, Otto's fiancée whom he didn't marry, comes and live with the Simpsons, Marge becomes jealous and crazy.

Season 12, Marge becomes friend with Jack, a prisoner who has got an incredible artistic gift.

Season 13
, Marge gets into a sugar chase to bannish sugar from Springfield.

Season 14, Marge accidentally gets brest implants.
Owing to an attack, Marge is scared to go out of her house. But she becomes super strong and hits her aggressor.

Season 15, Marge becomes the author of a bestseller where Homer is a violent alcoholic husband and Flanders an attractive hero.

Season 16
, Marge finds again Clhoe Talbot, her old friend, and becomes jealous of her life.
Marge helps Moe to save his pub in transforming it into an English Pub. Homer gets jealous of the relationship of Marge and Moe who spend too much time together.

Season 17, Marge joins a club where she has to steal Mr Burns. The Simpsons participate in a reality show in which the mother of two families switches place. Charles, the father of the other family falls in love with Marge.

Ten years old boy, Bart is that we can call a thug, a daredevil, a rebel, a troublemaker. He does the worst stupidities and he has often problems with justice and he is often strangled by Homer. But under his tough nut airs, Bart is sensitive and sometimes at a loss.

Season 1
, Bart cuts Jebediah Springfield statue's head.

Season 2, Bart tries to realize the death jump by jumping the Springfield Gorge in skate.

Season 3, Bart is hired by Fat Tony.

Season 4, Bart falls in love with Laura Powers.

Season 5, Bart becomes famous with that sentence : « I didn't do it ».Bart becomes the heir of Mr Burns.

Season 6, Bart goes out with Jessica Lovejoy, the daugther of the Reverend Lovejoy.
Bart discovers a comet which he gives his name.

Season 7, Bart makes a false licence and rents a car.

Season 8, In the Simpson Horror Show VII, Bart discovers that he has a brother named Hugo. Of course this character will disappear after, as it's a Simpson Horror Show. Bart is sent to the Military School.

Season 11, Bart adopts a horse. He tranforms him, with Homer's help, into a furious racehorse, named Furious D.

Season 12, Bart and Homer cheat on Springfield's inhabitants. Bart becomes a member of a boys band and becomes famous.

Season 13, Bart falls in love with Greta, Rainer Wolfcastle's daugther and she becomes his girlfriend. But they broke up and Greta starts to go out with Milhouse ; but then, Greta moves to Toronto. Bart and his family go to Canada because Bart wants Greta to come back with him.
Bart meets Buck Mc Coy, a famous cinema cow-boy.Bart creates a comic character named Papa Furax in reference to Homer.

Season 14, Bart discovered that he used to do advertising when he was a kid.
He used to be a star kid, but Homer spent all the money Bart had earned. So, Bart decides to be emancipated.

Season 15, Bart is sent to children's jail where he's mistreated by Gina, a hard nut.
Because Bart shows his ass to the American flag, him and his family have to move to France.

Season 16, Bart starts his own buisiness in selling tee-shirts with slogans for an harebrained man named Goose Gladwell. Bart is sent to catholic school meets Father Sean.

Season 17, Bart is sent to a disciplinary camp.
A monkey mother takes Bart as her son and kidnapped him.

Season 20, Bart found Denis Leary's phone and kept it before Marge confiscated it.
Bart switches his life with his double, a rich heir.Bart is in love with Jenny, a girl he had met at the retirement home and neglects Milhouse. Milhouse decides to avenge.

Maggie is a baby. She is one year old and she's really clever.

Season 6, Maggie shoots Mr Burns, however the culprit will be discovered in season 7.

Season 13, Maggie saves Homer when Fat Tony was about to kill him, by shooting in the air.

Season 15, Maggie is considered as the smartest of the Simpson's family, which will stir up Lisa's jealousy.

Season 20, Homer must take care of the kids. But he forgets Maggie on a church porch and Lisa must infiltrate the convent to get her back. Lisa will discover that Maggie is the gem of Springfield.
Lisa and Bart's duo

In season 4, Lisa and Bart spend their holidays in the Krusty camp. They thought they'll have a great time, but they're treated like slaves. Lisa and Bart will turn round the situation and transforms the Krusty camp.Lisa and Bart write severals scenarios of Itchy and Scratchy's episodes and use Grandpa Simpson's name. One of the scenarios will receive a prize.

In season 6, when Tahiti Bob presents himself as being the Springfield mayor and finally suceeds, Lisa and Bart will prove he has been elected by fraudulent means.

In season 7
, Lisa and Bart will help the real creator of Itchy and Scratchy's show to win a case against Itchy and Scratchy animation studio.

In season 8, Lisa and Bart try to survive in the military school.

In season 9
, the school bus has an accident and the kids are stuck on a desert island. Lisa, Bart and their classmates will try to survive together.

In season 15
, Lisa and Bart become allies to find Marge and Homer who have flown away to spend more time together.

Marge and Homer's duo

Marge and Homer try to spice their love affair, but they will be in puzzling situations.
When Marge and Homer want to spend more time together (season 15), they flew away to a sunny destination and leave Lisa and Bart to Abraham. But will they manage to be alone ?
The main characters

Simpson family: Marge, Homer, Lisa, Maggie, Bart.
Milhouse : Bart's best friend.
Nelson : school bully.
Flanders family : Simpsons' neighbours.
Etna : Bart's teacher.
Skinner : Elementary school's Principal.
Moe : Owner of the Moe's. Homer's friend.
Lenny and Carl : Homer's colleague and friends.
Barney : Drunkard. Homer's friend.
Mr Burns : Billionaire. Homer's boss.
Smithers : Mr Burns' assistant. Homosexual.
Apu : Owner of the Kik-E-Mart. Homer's friend. Got eight kids and his wife is Manjula.
Krusty : TV Star.

The main places

Springfield's Elementary school.
Simpsons House.
The Nuclear Power Plant.
At Moe's.

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