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The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

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Disney's making a show called The Lion Guard about Simba and Nala's son Kion, but Kiara is in it too!

So here's my new site that focuses on The Lion Guard:
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He has a cool idea about a human that can communicate with cartoons called "Toon Talker"

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride is the 1998 sequel to The Lion King. It follows Simba and Nala's headstrong daughter: Kiara. She and her new love, Scar's heir, an Outsider named Kovu must unite the rivaling Outsiders and Pride Landers. The Outsiders (A group of lions who were loyal to Scar) are lead by Kovu's mother Zira, who hates Simba.
The New characters

Kiara: Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala and is the Princess of the Pride Lands and the future heir to the throne. She is friends with Kovu, Scar's heir and later falls in love with him. She's very brave and kind and will make a great queen.

Kovu: Kovu is an Outsider and Scar's heir. He is friends with Princess Kiara and falls in love with her later. He was sent by Zira to get close to Kiara so he can get to Simba. Later on he even gets a Scar over his left eye like Scar did.

Vitani: Vitani is Kovu's headstrong sister. She is tomboyish and loves to chew on rootsranches. She is closer with Kovu than with her older brother Nuka. She is the first Outsider to join the Pride Lands (Excluding Kovu)

Nuka: Nuka is the son of Scar. He's jealous that Kovu's chosen to be the heir instead of him, saying he's older and stronger. He has a case of termites that make his fur itch.

Zira: Zira is the villain in this film. She is loyal to Scar (The villain in the first movie)and is mad at Simba.She is angry when Kovu and Vitani betray her to join the Pride Lands. She and Nuka are the only Outsiders not to join the Pride Lands.
Returning Characters

Simba: The main character from the first film is now a proud father. He's the king of The Pride Lands and wants his daughter, Kiara, to be safe some the Outsiders, a Pride loyal to Scar. He's overprotective and tells Kiara to stay in sight of Pride Rock at all times and to stay on the path he marked for her (With his paw prints).

Nala: Nala is now Simba's queen and the mother of Kiara. She is a gentle mother and cares deeply for her daughter. Sadly, she doesn't get much screen time in this movie, but the moments she's in are great and show she has a caring relationship with her daughter.

Rafiki: Rafiki plays a bigger role than The Lion King. Mufasa tells him Kovu and Kiara need to be together to unite the Prides. He has them fall in love with the power of Upendi (Love in Swahili).

Mufasa: Simba's father's ghost plays a role as well. He knows Kovu and Kiara need to be together to unite the Prides. He often communicates with the characters by blowing a gust of wind at them.

Zazu: Zazu is now Simba's Majordomo and gives the king news. He seems to have a respectful relationship with Kiara.
Coloring sheets!

Clip art!

"I'm not just a princess you know. That's only half of who I am!"~ Kiara

"Feel the earth under your paws who it doesn't shift and make noise"~ Kovu

"A wise king once told me, We are One. I didn't understand him then. Now I do."~ Kiara

"Them? Us! Look at them, they are us! What differences do you see?" ~ Kiara

"Even those who are gone, are with us as we go on."~ Simba

"Kovu...Kiara...Together?"~ Rafiki

"Well done, my son. We are One."~ Mufasa

"In Upendi where the passion fruit grows sweet. And it's so divine that you lose your mind as it sweeps you off your feet. In Upendi, without a worry or a care. It just takes two to make it true, your heart will tkae you there"~ Rafiki

"That's like saying you don't want to be a lion, it's in your blood, as I am. We are part of each other."~ Simba

~Family tree~

Some of the original names for Kiara were: Shani and Aisha
Kovu was originally Scar's son
Zazu originally had a girlfriend
Vitani's original name was Shetani
There was going to be a male cub that was Simba and Nala's son, but they decided to just have a daughter
In one of the deleted scenes Nuka and Vitani went to the Pride Lands to see Kiara's presentation
In another deleted scene Rafiki learns about Kovu.
Whenever the wind blows it's most likely Mufasa
Cub Kiara has three voice actresses (One for speaking, one for signing, one for cub growls)
Zira, Nuka and Rafiki's voice actors sing without needing another voice actor
Crocodile Adventure
This game was made to promote the 2004 DVD. It's based on the crocodile scene from the movie. You play as Kiara and in a frogger-style game you have to get to Kovu and save him. The song Upendi plays in the background. It has three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Here's the link to the game:

Game Break
Active play is a CD-Rom game with activities. It stars Kovu and Kiara who go to a secret place away from Timon and Pumbaa. It includes games like Cub Chase and Swampberry sling. All four games have also been released separately.It's also been packed with a Winnie the Pooh game.

Active Play
Active Play is kind of similar to game break, but with more to explore and other games. You can create a cub an much more. There's even music videos and if you put it in the CD player you can play the music.

Other Simba's Pride Sites

~Kiara spotlight~

Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala. She's the future queen of The Pride Lands. Despite what she says in "Love will Find a Way" She is brave, strong and smart. Remembering "We Are One" she (Along with Kovu's help) unite the Outsiders and Pride Landers. She is kind and a great role model.

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