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Anything about Sri Lanka [ Includes some magical things too! ]

Imagining rock fortress 👆

Magical Rock Fortress
It is in Sri Lanka named as Sigiriya. It's a world heritage site. I think most of you know that place. Once it was a palace in ancient times. The history is saying that it was Built by king Kashyapa. There's still water on that rock! When I heard that I wanted to find more about it.
According to my research Still the water pumping method to the top of the rock was not found. My idea is the palace was not built by king Kashyapa. He just came to the rock and modified it. It was built before 2554 BC. Any way it is a best place to visit to know about the technology of that palace.

There's a saying that there was a lift from ground to the top of the rock.

It is a magical palace. Many hidden secrets are there.

Also the water flower technology is natural. Water coming down from rock via a drainage system flows under the ponds [ made by rock too] in the garden. There are some sort of barriers for the flow of water and also some holes [with different sizes]made from drains to the ponds near those barriers. With the pressure of water coming from the rock, when it hit those barriers the water comes out and make different sizes of water flowers. Now the water flowers are inactive but there's still water in those ponds.

Star Gates

There're two star gates found in Sri Lanka which was used by king Rawana in ancient times to communicate with universe. Using this they communicate with the universe using their mind.

So if anyone know about star gates in the world you text me via guest book.

Flying Machine

There's a saying that there was a flying machine during king rawana's time. It was made by king rawana. King rawana's wife's father was the great inventor those times. So we think that he was the one who made this.

Dear visitors

If anyone know about crop circles please send me about it.

1. Adisham Bungalow
2,3. Lipton Seat
4. Catherine Seat

Hey Guys!

Today I met you with informations of Haputale. It is very cold place. Located in central province of Sri Lanka. There the nature is so beautiful. If you visit there, you can feel the weather.
Places like Adisham Bungalow, Lipton Seat, Catherine Seat.

There's a rumor that the ghost of Adisham is in the Adisham Bungalow.

In Lipton Seat, when we reach it, we can see five provinces of Sri Lanka from it.

Catherine is the wife of Lipton and from the Catherine Seat she had searched what her husband was doing 😂.

Trincomalee Sea

Did you know that Trincomalee sea has no waves? It's like a tank. And also the sound of the sea is different from the other seas'.It's just a sudden sound. Not like the others. Other seas are always noisy, but this is different. So... it's a good place to bath... But some places on that sea is too dangerous. Guides know those places. And another thing is you can sea the rise of the sun and the moon from the sea side.

You see, it' calm.

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