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SAKURA sweeti (naruto)


Sakura Haruno (Haruno Sakura) is in Naruto.
Her birthday is on 28th of March
in naruto:
in shippuden:
Sakura is a part of the "Team 7".It consisits of Sakura,Naruto Uzumaki,Sasuku Uchiha and their sensei Kakashi Hatake.

Sakura had a big crush on sasuke and she hated naruto.But she grows with naruto.After sasuke's leave she begins to develop the closer bond with naruto.Both of them work on thier goal to bring back sasuke.Sakura will end up with naruto as she loves him.Sakura is a girl who cant understands men.end of the part 1 in naruto sakura did all to stop sasuke's leaving.In that part sakura explaned to sasuke her love but she coudnt stop him.
Sakura's relationship with naruto also changed like sasuke's one.When they first teamed
up sakura thought that naruto was a talentless idiot.having a big crush on sakura naruto did everything to keep sakura happy.when they searching for sasuke sakura learns about naruto's various harsdships like nine tailed fox and akatsuki and talents.Now sakura become the protective of naruto and whatever to do she can halp naruto.
Sakura get angry really quickly.
Sakura has an great controll of her chakra.Sakura is a medical ninja and she has superhuman strength.

sakura is really cute.

so i think everyone know about sakura , this is my first blog and thankyou.

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