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No pains No gains
Journal Topics for Self Understanding
Personal Revelations
In addition to the topics listed below, associative writing, the writing of thoughts as fast as they come to mind without worrying about sentence structure or punctuation, may be particularly helpful when a student is troubled or experiencing writersĄŻ block.

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When I need time for myself...
If I could live anywhere
I really miss...
I never expected...
An unusual day in my life
For my birthday IĄŻd like...
The worst gift I ever got...
I daydream most about...
I really wish....
Something few people realize about me
I wish I werenĄŻt so...
One of my best points is...
One of my most important goals is...
I dream that one day...
My hardest class is
What makes me feel proud is
IĄŻm glad IĄŻm alive when
Some little things I often forget to enjoy
Associative Writing
Associative writing, also called free writing, requires that the student write his thoughts as fast as they come to mind with no attention to sentence structure or punctuation. The technique may be particularly helpful when a student is troubled or suffering from writersĄŻ block. Although I like to teach students how and when to use associative writing, I prefer that they do it outside of class and not as an English assignment.
Clarifying Thoughts or Positions
For these topics, students are asked to write anything they want to about the topics. If they stray from the topic, thatĄŻs okay.

TV Commercials
Surviving Divorce
The Death Penalty
Prejudice and Racism
Movie Review
The Spread of Aids
Teen Suicide
Getting Drunk
How important are sports in schools?
How Our School Could Be Improved
A Cool Hobby or Sport
The Best Entertainer
Date Rape
Prearranged Marriages
Peer Pressure
Gang Violence
Should teens be sexually active?
Part-Time Jobs
How a Car Changes a TeenĄŻs Life
Spring 2008 SG Academy AP Global Leader's classes
Name: _________________ Date of Birth________________ gender : M / F
Grade Level Registering ______ Course:____________ Placement Test Score:______
Cell Phone #(students) :_________ Home Phone#:______________
Home Address: ______________________________________________________
Email Address: _______________________ Anticipated Starting Date:____________
School :?___________________________________Grade________
Siblings /School They Currently Are Attending/ Grade
Returning Student: Yes No if yes what country: Period:
Register for only one person per form.
Parents information and agreements
Father Name _____________ Contact:
Mother Name ____________ Contact:
Father Occupation____________Employer__________Business Phone: Ext.
Mother Occupation___________ Employer__________Business Phone: Ext.

I understand that my child has to keep the regulations in the classes
and request to register the course for my child (Print Child?s Name):
Name of Parent /Guardian (Please Print):
Signature of Parent/Guardian_______________________________

AP Global Leader's classes

Course Description:
AP Global Leader's classes integrates IBT TOEFL and Upper Language Arts by using reading, writing, listening and speaking skills one more thing; media to advance their practical English skills, test score, and achieve to entrance the top 3 ranked schools. In studying those classes, students will focus on their English skills and achieving their goals on TOEFL. It will also bring on the abilities and qualifications to prepare their successful lives.
Listening Skills
Students will improve listening comprehension through guided listening materials and listening lectures in the class.
Students will organize complex thoughts through extensive work on the expository writing process.
Students will continue to develop independent study and answer finding skills.
Students will learn to use graphical organizers.
Students will understand concepts and skills in TOEFL questions.
Speaking (Communication) and writing Skills
Students will develop oral skills through presentations, class discussion, debates, and drama even a role plays.
Students will use a variety of technology.
Students will use accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Students will broaden their vocabularies.
Students will improve critical thinking skills.
Reading Skills
Students will learn to empathize with story characters and actions through reading materials.
Students will read independently in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes.
Debate (Interpersonal )Skills
Students will work together on group projects.
students will cover information in class that will help them see the need for tolerance, empathy and respect for other people and cultures.
Students will interact respectfully in classroom discussions and debates.
Assessment of Student Performance:
Students will be assessed as follows:
Reading comprehension quizzes
Accelerated Speaker
Tests on major subjects
Formal compositions
Daily homework
Participation in class, in both formal and informal settings
Classes will be conducted using a variety of methodologies.  These will include teacher demonstration, group work, student presentations, lecture, simulations, and class discussions.
Grading Policy:
Quarterly grades will be based on assessments of reading, writing, oral communications skills, and social studies content. Grades will be computed as follows:

Oral Communication10%
Monthly Academy TOEFL Test 50%
By the end of this course, it is a goal that each student will be able to:
Read and think critically to understand major reading passages
Draw conclusions from a variety of sources to formulate their own opinions
Conduct inquiry to understand highly qualified English methods from a variety of perspectives.
Solve problems and make decisions to the TOEFL questions.
Learn to communicate what they know, think and believe in a variety of ways with English
Texts and Materials:
Class materials include:
Princeton Review TOEFL
Barron's TOEFL
Contemporary Topics 3
Speaking Boost
300 Essay Topics
Words smart
Essential Words for the TOEFL
Kaplan TOEFL IBT with CD-ROM 2008-2009
First Steps in Academic Writing
Bulletin Boards
You can say anything what you want except swearings

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