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안녕하세요 and welcome to my blog !⭐
Everything here is about me and my life, my experience, that i want to share with you,and everything that's interesting to me. I post also some things about South Korea as well Cuz south korea is a part of my life. I hope you all enjoy my blog and never forget to smile :) have a beautiful and happy day~ ✨ 🇩🇪🇰🇷

Today with my 언니(big sister)🔆
Today I was out with my sister and ate some ice cream, it was delicious! Also the weather was so nice ! But when I came home. I had to study because in 2 days I will have a exam 😷 I got headache now, anyways I have to sleep now. I know in South Korea it is morning right now, but i wish you all a good morning and a happy start. ☺💕
19.4.015 . 21:45
Wow! Today , I had a very interesting and hard day. I don't know what to do right know, everything comes so suddenly and I have to hide or fight it back. But I never go down I always will stand and try to stand. I want you to do it too, I want you all to stand up what ever comes, life is hard, I know it by myself but I also know how to stand. Sometimes I cry and say to myself "what should I do now" but my heart said that i Have to stand and Hide my tears. I stand up and live my life! ✊✨

20.4.015 20:13
Hello and annyeonghaseyo friends.^-^ Today i went out with my class, we did a walking tour around our city. And now im so tired, i just want to sleep now hahah. Well, i think i have to study today and searching in the internet for schools. Btw my prom will come soon in our school. I already have my dress, it looks so cute. Also summer holiday is comeing too. I hope everything will be okay, i will miss my class and my best friends because after our school prom we cant see us everyday anymore :( <3 i really miss my best friend. But everything will be fine, if we have each other nothing and no one can bring us down.
Good morning everyone ^-^. Its weekend! yeah but i have to study hangul, so happy. Well, right now im listen to music. I made breakfast with my mom and ate breakfast, so im done now. Yesterday i made kimbap for me and my friends. It was very yummy. It was simple to cook. But i will learn to cook more korean dishes, korean food is soooo delicious. Today its a ordinary day. I have to do housework and study. Well, what are you doing guys in your weekend or today? let me know. :) 30/5/2015 08:08 Morning.

Hello my friends.⛅ How are you all today? I hope you are alright! If not try to stand up and smile, Cuz your life is beautiful and full off new things. This is your life and your body is the only thing where you live in ! So don't hurt you or don't let you hurt. Keep fighting! and stay strong!! Thats very important! Well, today its a beautiful day, its so sunny in germany. But im really sleepy. I have visit from my aunt and her little cute kids. They are so adorable !! So cute!! I play with them the most time Cuz they are just adorable and cute I can't let them go ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♥. So, today I will watch some documentary about south Korea. I know a lot~~ but I want to know more and more. My friend is in no rae bang right know ㅋㅋㅋ its a singing place in south Korea. Yea I have a lot of Korean friends, and I'd like to make more! korean are amazing and so kind! Well, now I will take a snooze because I'm sleepy. See you soon guys ! 💙 love ya ! 😁😁
Hello friends and family. How are you all today? I hope you all are fine. And keep fighting!! Well, today is nothing special, I will write a letter to my Korean friends and send it. Also its raining right now btw xD 💙🌂. Well, yesterday was a special day for me, it was my last day of high school. We had a prom and very one was in dress or suits. So beautiful. Well, I'm happy and sad at the same time. Its the time that makes us grow. We grow up everyday, we learn everyday, we all make mistakes and learn from them. We are not perfect but we are all humans, who have to be strong and successful. We have to keep fighting in our life and do the best what we can do!! You always will shine even if you are in the darkest side ✨. Now I will read a book and drink some green tea, have a happy successful day 💐💗.
10:14morning 13/6/2015
omg ist been sooo soo Long that i didnt blog for you guys :( but i also have to tell you a lot of things , where i was no there. first i hope you guys are all alright!!! <3 im so happy to have time for my blog again, i miss ya all so much ! <3 so, im okay , a lot of things happen in this Long time. first i graduate from high School, in this prom we also go and ate chinese Food in a Restaurant. And god!!! it was so good! there was also kimchi!!! i take a lot of kimchi and Sushi hahaha after i ate i was so full lol. well than we had summer Holiday and well i didnt go somewhere, i just stay in Germany in ma City. After the Holidays i go to School. It was ok. i went to School last monday, and my class is ok!! today i was doing my first practical trainig in a Praxis. Cuz i have to do 3days practical Training and 2 days im in School in a week. so today it was very intresting! i also have to use the Train to go my School and my practical Training. But im so tired now, well i also i made new korean friends and they are just amazing. i love them, i love all of u guys <3 i hope i can do my blog everyday or every 2nd day, i try to do it!!!! promise <3 well, i have to go and eat dinner with ma Family see ya guys soon. and never Forget to stay strong and try to be happy and aktiv <3 much love from Sally <3

19/8/2015 17:13

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