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Selena Marie Gomez

Omg it is so hot out here ! 102 degrees !

look city cause here I come

I will blow you a kiss !

Full Name Selena Marie Gomez
Birth Date July 22 1992
Mom Amanda Teefey
Dad Ricardo Gomez
Step Dad Brian Teefey
Best Friend Demi Lovato
Nicknames Sel , Selly , Selenita
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Flavore Cherry
Favorite Subject Science
Favorite Sport Basketball
Role Model and Favortie Actress Rachel McAdams
Pets 4 dogs - Chip , Willy , Fina and Wallace
Favorite Shoes converce
Celebrity Crush Shia LaBeouf
Favorite Snack Chocolate CHip Cookies
Parents Divorced When I was only 5

Me I was just so young mom said I was the cutest four year old she ever saw !! lol

me @ age 9


Say wut thats so crazy !

Peace Out

Howdy yall !

hUH !?
[Omg thats so funny okey let me tell you Miley cyrus just set She was a pig but we was playing lol ! So dang funny dont ya think ! Okey IM OVER IT ! (:

Hey My name Is Selena Marie Gomez and this is my Website !

Hey you Guys and Gals wut up ?

Me and my Man Justin Bieber ! Justay ! Hey do yall want to her are cute and adourable pet nicknames for each other ? Alright he calls me Selly , His Baby , Is Angel , His love and I call him Justy , Baba , JB AWW so cute right ?

So everyone wut are yall doing ? I hope you watch wizards of waverly place latley it just gets better and better

Aww me & my boyfriend hey ! Stop looking can we just have our alone time please ? I said please !

I like this phote my cuz Vanessa love it! But its okey ! I dont love it a lot !!

I like to rock and roll !
Ghost Of You (;

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