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This is a website of Naruto facts and characters,well if you want to learn more about Naruto then read my website thank you!!

Naruto, when Naruto was born the spirit of a destructive fox demon was sealed in side of him,he is the number one goofball also very confident, one day he believes he will become Hokage, he grew up with no parents and his favorite quote is "Believe It"

Sasuke,the avenger of the great Uchiha clan,His challenge in life is to kill his brother Itachi,Sasuke is very serious and calm he doesn't have a care in the world for Sakura or Ino,once Sasuke was marked with his curse seal it was all over for his team

Sakura, smart and studious the Sasuke obsessed ninja who doesn't realize the ninja she could be, she was a rival of Ino

Kakashi,the sensei of Sakura,Naruto and Sasuke also very mysterious he's always got a copy of his favorite book "Make-Out Paradise"

Kiba, a wildman with a great sense of smell Kiba makes the perfect friend to his canine buddy Akamaru even though he may look weak he's very strong, Kiba is one of the strongest genin no doubt but for some reason lost to Naruto

Shino,the heir to the Aburame clan,Shino has a symbiotic relationship with insects,they do his bidding but like a lot of other people he's pretty creepy

Hinata,cousin to Neji and from the legendary Hyuuga clan,she is the most shy of the student genin and she has a major crush on Naruto

Kurenai,the sensei of Kiba,Hinata and Shino she's strong and uses genjutsu techniques

Shikamaru,lazy and lacking motivation he is a genius with and IQ over 200,he is a member of the Nara family they use shadows as their weapon in battle

Ino,also Sasuke obsessed and rivals with Sakura,Ino is physically stronger and Sakura is mentally stronger,she is mostly loud and noisy but like anyone she can be calm

Choji, the food obsessed ninja who loves free food and barbeques,he hates his weight pointed out to him, especially since he is from the Akimichi Clan and they use their weight as an advantage

Asuma,the sensei of Shikamaru,Ino and Chouji he's the son of the 3rd Hokage,He smokes a lot and is very calm

Dosu,the phsychotic evil servant of Orochimaru,he amplify's sound by the machine on his arm he's very powerful

Zaku,the bad tempered sound ninja who is also a servent of Orochimaru he alters the air pressure and emits supersonic waves out of the airholes in his hands

Kin,one of the only girls working for Orochimaru she uses strings and bells as her weapon

Orochimaru,one of the 3 legendary sannin he is very evil and is the creater of the Sound village he is also phsychotic

Lee,the Sakura obsessed taijutsu specialist,at the academy Lee had no skill then his sensei, Gai, taught him skills and some awesome forbiddon techniques, his goal in life in to beat Neji, Sasuke and Naruto and win Sakura's heart

Neji,also from the Hyuuga clan he is Hinata's cousin,very intelligent and experienced he's considered the most talented genin in the village,one of his minor goals is to beat Lee and to show that destiny is always right

Tenten,the experienced weapon skilled ninja she is teamates with Neji and Lee and seems to have a small crush on Neji because she practically caters to his every will

Gai,the sensei of Lee,Neji and Tenten he is rivals with Kakashi and is like a father to Lee

Gaara of the desert,the phsychotic bad tempered sand ninja,the reason Gaara was hated by most of his family as a kid is because of the demon inside of him called Shukaka,if the Shukaka is released then it would cause only trouble,Gaara is protected by a sand sheild that is the spirit of his mother,Kankuro and Temari are his siblings. Gaara isn't normally phsychotic it is just his lack of sleep which makes him crazy and have black circles around his eyes

Kankuro,the kocky sand ninja who's siblings are Temari and Gaara,He uses his puppet as himself then hides himself in his weapon then he controls the puppet with his chakra the puppets name is Karasu

Temari,the intelligent,spunky sand ninja who's siblings are Kankuro and Gaara,she uses her fan to fight,once the 3 moons show she'll have already won the battle

Baki,the evil sensei of Gaara,Kankuro and Temari he teamed up with Orochimaru and killed Hayate

The 3rd Hokage,he is one of the greatest Hokages,he loves everyone in the leaf village his son is Asuma and his grandson is Konohamaru he gets killed by Orochimaru

Kabuto,the spy of the sound village he is Orochimaru's right hand man,he is intelligent,sneaky,swift and cool he is a genin but he has the strength of a jounin,he is part of the Yakushi family that practices medicine

Iruka,connects to Naruto because they were both orphans and he now treats Naruto like a son he teaches at the Academy

Akamaru,Kiba's canine buddy Akamaru may look cute but he can smell the enemys chakra level and once he swallows a soldier pill he gets as vicious as a wolf

Konohamaru,the spunky Academy student who looks up to Naruto,Konohamaru is the grandson of the 3rd Hokage but sometimes he tries to escape from class unlike a grandon of someone great would do

Ebisu, the annoying, pathetic, closet pervert, special jounin, he tries to train Naruto but Jiraiya interupts the training and Ebisu is never seen in the anime again

Well if it is then too bad because I have more lol

Haku,is less then Zabuza's sidekick then his familiar behind that mask is a face of as beautiful as that of a sad young girl,the strange thing is he's a boy

Zabuza,one of the nastiest villans he is an outlaw of pure darkness,Zabuza's giant sword is for real not a trick,he was hired by Gatou to kill Tazuna the bridge builder. He is one of the seven swordsmen of the mist village

Tazuna,from a small village who once had a hero,but the one thing that could replace that hero would be a bridge that connected to the mainlands he was supposed to be killed but Naruto and friends stopped that from happening

Gatou, the evil, ruthless, coward, Gatou hides behind his men and his money because his money can buy anything, he was the one that wanted to kill Tazuna but got killed by The Demon of the Mist Zabuzu Momochi

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