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Rowing is an engaging and exciting sport, involving racing boats with oars. NOT to be confused with kayaking (which uses only one oar), rowing boats have two oars pulled at the same time to allow the boat to move. Unlike a kayak, the boat faces and moves backwards. It also involves using your legs, hips and arms to move the boat.

On-Water Rowing
On-water rowing is a competitive sport involving a long, narrow boat and two oars on either side. To row on water, you have to follow a simple process. To start, you sit in the 'catch' position and have the oars behind you in the water. You then use your legs, hips, and arms to pull the oars forwards, whilst pushing yourself backwards. You then take the oars out of the water and to the back then repeat the process.

On-water rowing can be done individually, or in a team. It is a sport in many major sport competitions, including the Olympics.

Rowing With Rowing Machines
Rowing machines are not only a piece of exercise equipment found in gyms, but are a great way of training for rowing. Many of the top rowing athletes will use these on a daily basis, since they are a great way to practice rowing without being out on the water.

They are also used for indoor rowing competitions, where people compete on them in races of a certain time or distance.
Why row?
1. Rowing is a possible team sport, meaning that you will be able to make new friends, and will be able to learn from each other whilst rowing.
2. It is a unique sport that is different to most team sports.
3. It gets you outdoors if you try on-water rowing.
4. It is one of the only sports that can be done individually or as a team.
5. You get to compete and race.
6. It can be done on a rowing machine or on the water

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