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does every one like justin bieber and why

You`d think that justin bieber is old enugh to date for a 12 or 13 year old girl.But he is not he is 16 so girls that is 14 and youger dont even bother he is gonna be 18 before you know it so just stop screaming about him and get over the BIEBER FEVER.Unless you be like that 3-year old girl in some people dont like him because
1.)They liked him soooooooooo much that.They got tiered of him but tries to denie that they like him and act like they dont like him(trust me i went through that and still going through that).
2.)they are jelous of him
3.) they are tooo young
for boys:
1.)the girs give him more attention that the boys
2.)thay have a girl just firend that talks about him non stop and thet get anoied aout it.
3.)the (cousain boys)are jelous of his hair

you can look it up on about justin bieber he got hit in the head by a water botle. i mean c`mon this girl has a gooooood arm if she was far and a was even probly a gay boy that liked him..and rember if you want tomeat him cry over him and post it on this come up my next segment about a 3 YEAR OLD GRIL CRING OVER JUSTIN BIEBER I MEAN
she is only three come on people what was you thinking but it was a pretty good video.she go to cring to serious to happy she said qoute i love justin bieber im telling you dress up as a 3 year old girl and cry over him so you can meet him and sit on him lap' this i want to do that in my life time but sean kingston thank very much so peace out and stop have stuip bieber fever see you later sockters pece out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is the 3 year old girl

he is soooo cute(is what they say) but i dont see it so if i ever see him i gonna say stright up i dont think your cute or all that do you think your black

"yeah i soooooo cool with my blue on even though i like purple (did you know my fav color is purple)"

does every one like justin bieber and why (Animals - Others)    -    Author : Ronnessa - USA

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