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yo rock and roll

alvin is an emotional roller coaster. his enthusiosm is bottonless the term look before you leap definitely doesn't apply to alvin who is impulsive charming musicl and full of animalmagnetism what others might characterize as half backed schemes alvin perfers to see as challenging the ordiary.

he is the child of innocence he is shy , loving , sensitive ,gulible ,trusting ,and naive. in short he is an easy target for alvins fact theodore often holds the swing vote between his two brothers choices of action simon appeals to theodores better nature while alvin goes straigt to the bribery

in addition to haveing a iq just north of einstien simon possesses a very dry sense of humor as well as a keen wit his chess master mind allows him to anticipate alvins hairbrained schemes (simons phrase not alvins)and devise a solution that is ievitaby the end simon loves alvin although he secretly worries tha they share the same gine pool.

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