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I love Drake Bell,he is just soo adorable i want to pick him up and dunk him in my coffee
just kidding
I also like Joey Gaydos Jr. who most of you have never heard of before he was in the movie School Of Rock w/ Jack Black he played the lead guitar player
anyway so he has a band now called the Joey Gaydos Group, he's only 15 so he is really young and from what I hear he is suppossed to be in a movie in the next year or so but I'll update you more on that Later

hey ummm... so rock music there is like a trillion different typs of rock I like industrial rock, punk rock, and a couple of emo songs
So right now I'm really into the Sex Pistols and the Clash and The Ramones and that kind of stuff i dont know i really like it and stuff and Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails is industrial rock and if youve never heard them go out and listen to him because he rocks
if you noticed i didnt say 'they rock' i said'he rocks' because according to the cover inside Pretty Hate Machine 'Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor
Trent Reznor is a musical genius he can play a ton of instruments and can sing and he writes amazing songs i love love love his stuff
and also anything else since im recentally getting into heavy metal and goth rock
and korean rock because i have a korean penpal and she sends me music its actually very good better then jrock
okay so i cant stand jrock and i also cant stand rap,hiphop,gangsta anything and any music were the people dont play their own instruments and i will NOT talk about them on this blog!!!!! at all
Time to talk about the gods of punk rock, yes I am talking about The Ramones people and if you dont know who they are then go out and buy their cd right now!!!!!
The Ramones revolutionived punk rock they are like how Jimi Hendrix was with guitar but with punk rock with out the ramones there would have been no Sex Pistols and then that would be horrible because then the 70's wouldn't have been that punk,I mean sure the Clash were there but they were really into politics and they weren't very punk themselves
back to the Ramones, they formed in Forest Hills,Queens NewYork in 1974
they were non stop for 22 years untell they broke up in 1996
Time to meet the members
Joey Ramone(r.n. Jeffry Ross Hyman) vocals from 1974-1996 died on April 15,2001
Johnny Ramone(r.n. John Cummings) guitar from 1974-1996 died on September 15,2004
Dee Dee Ramone(r.n. Douglas Glenn Colvin) bass guitar from 1974-1998 died on June 5,2002
Tommy Ramone(r.n. Tamas Erelyi,Hungarian)drums from 1974-1978 still alive
Later band memebers:::
Marky Ramone(r.n. Marc Bell)replaced tommy and later elvis on drums
Richie Ramone(r.n.Richard Reihardt)replaced marky on drums
Elvis Ramone(r.n. Clem Burke) replaced richi on drums for two gigs
C.J. Ramone(r.n. Christopher James Ward) replaced Dee Dee on bass

they used the name Ramone after the fact that Paul McCartney esed the name Paul Ramone when he signed into hotels
Dee Dee was originally the lead singer but then he relived that he couldnt sing and play bass at the same time so Joey took over on lead vocals
They played their first show at Proformance Studios in NewYork on March 30,1974 their songs were short ususally 2 minutes long
in autum 195 they recorded their deut album Ramones
in 1977 they recorded Leave Home and Rocket To Russia after they didn't become big hits Tommy left the band and Marky Ramone replaced him
Road to Ruin failed to chart highly
they made their movie debut in Rock 'n Roll High School
in 1980 they produced the album End of the Century
Albums Pleasant Dreams (1981) and Subterranean Jungle(1983)werent that great either
personally if youare going to buy a cd by the Ramones buy one with their greatest hits or something like that because that basicall is a good starting base
Marky Ramone was fired in 1983 due to alcoholism and was replaced by Richi Ramone
they recorded Too Tough To Die, Animal Boy and Halfway to Sanitiy woth him then he left and was replaced by Elvis Ramone in 1987 he lasted two shows before Marky Ramone returned now sober
Dee Dee left after 1989's Brain Drain and was replaced by C.J. Ramone but Dee Dee let the Ramones use his lyrics for use in songs Dee Dee prusuded a short solo career as a rapper with the name DeeDee King (ha ha stupid Dee Dee)
The Ramones recorded thier next album(Mondo Bizarro) with a totally diffrent label Radioactive Records
Johnny and Joey werent getting along very well with Joey being librel and Johnny being right wing conservitive,Johnny was accused by Joey to have stolen his girlfriend away from him, The KKK Took My Baby Away is thought to have come from this expereance
After a spot in the 1996 Lollapalooza the ramones broke up due to personalty clashes and it was said that Joey had drug problems
Joey was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1995
in 2002 the band was inducted into the Rock'n Roll hall of fame
in 2004 End of the century:the story of the ramonmes was released in theaters'
Joey Ramone died of lymphoma on April 15,2001 in New York
Dee Dee Ramone was found dead in his home on June5, 2002 from a herion overdose
Johnny Ramone died of Prostate cancer on September 15,2004 in L.A. California
Okay well thats all I have on the Ramones so go out and buy the RamonesMania it has all their greatest hits on it

were and still are one of the best British punk rock bands,EVER
They formed in 1972 by Paul Cook who played drums, Steve Jones who sang lead vocals and Wally Nightingale who played guitar
Some other people were Stephen Hayes who played bass and jim Mackin who played organ(?? organ?)
they played their first gig outside of Britain on September 3,1976 at Club De Chalet Du Lac in Paris
after a major gig at London's first punk festival the Sex Pistols were signed with EMI
Thier first single"anarchy in the U.K." was released on November 26,1976
Sid vicious(r.n. John Simon Ritchi named Sid vicious after rotten's hamster sid the viciuos)
Vicious played his first gig with the pistols on April 3,1977 in london
the band, having dropped the EMI label sighned with A&M records on March 10 but A&M dumped them in a week due to their behavior they then signed with their final label Virgin Records
'God Save The Queen" was released on May 27,1977
they broke up in 1978 but continued to play a few gigs in later years
they were inducted into the Rock'n Roll hall of fame inNovember 2005 but the survivng members turned it down with a 'kiss this' the band later sold all their right to the music to Universal Music Group in March 2006
and thats the Sex Pistols well a shortened version I would have to write a very long artical to get all the Sex Pistols things on here but I don't have the time

The Subways are a relventaly new band, they formed in England and their album that came out just this year is titled "Young for Eternity"
Time to meet the band::
Billy Lunn on guitar and sings lead vocals
Charlotte Cooper plays bass and sings backup
Josh Morgan plays the drums
Billy and Charlotte are currently engaged
(shame because he is Hot!!)
Billy and Josh are brothers dispit the fact that they don't have the same last name
The band is signed with City Pavement&Infectious Records
You might have heard them when they played on The O.C.
Personally I love love love them some of their songs include
'Oh, Yeah'
'Rock & Roll Queen'
So I have a ton of pictures of bands and stuff but I think it's time to add some
HOT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following guys are on my Hottest Gays Alive List:
(in to particular order)
-Drake Bell
-Joey Gaydos Jr.
-Billy Lunn
-Zac Efron
-Ashton Kutcher
-Max Thieriot
-Daniel Radcliffe
-Rupert Grint
-Teddy Geiger
-Ashley Parker Angel
-Jesse McCartney
**pictures follow**

Ashley Parker Angel

Drake Bell

Ashton Kutcher

Zac Efron

Daniel Radcliffe


Jesse McCartney
doesn't play his own music but is still hot


Joey Gaydos Jr.

Max Thieriot

Rupert Grint

Teddy Geiger
So if you even just look at this page please leave me a message or email me or something
I love getting mail people so if you have a band you want me to talk about say so if I know anything about them at all I will talk about them or if there is a band you want to know more about TELL ME!!!!

I havent updated this in awhile but I'm really into the Ark at this moment, actually I'm listening to Clamour for Glamour at this very moment now these people arent really rock, they are glam rock
so its kinda a poppish rock but not like Panc!At The Disco
Meet The Band
Ola Salo-volcals
Leari Ljungberg-bass
Sylvester Schlegal-drums
Martin Axen-guitar
the band originated in Sweden so they are Swedish they formed in 1991
Ola Salo writes most of their songs and they are normally controversal
In 2002 they had a single called'Fathe of a Son' it was about a homosexuals right to have children
We Are The Ark-2000
In Lust We Trust-2002
State of the Ark-2004
but they also have many singles
including their lastest stuff::
One of us is gonna die young
Clamour for glamour
and Trust is Shareware

lets see what else umm not much elseif you want more about their beginnings and thier style go to their website

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