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The weather was very cold today.I can't suffer from the wind.I was afraid the wind would blow me away.There was a few sand on the ground.That was confused me .18 Dec
Today I was very happy.Because I had made friends.That was fantastic to me.
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The final exam is coming.I feel neverous.The subjects are difficult in this term.And I have failed TEM4.And there are too many homeworks in this week.The presentation about english education makes me feel disappointed.The teammates didn't agree the idea.There was no time to considerate other things.I thought if we finish the simple thing perfectly,we can achieve our aims.
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Today I unhappy.I hate someone,because she hurted me,she lie to me.It was terrible.And my new friends did't contact me.Did they think I am a foolish?Did they think my english is poor?Oh,I can't imagine why my life is so terrible.All things upset to me.
It was terrible. The new term is coming. However, I am not ready. How time files! I am going to graduate next year. I am very worried about the matter of finding a job because I have no degree.

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