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my family tree

My grandmother is Ma. Concepcion, shes from Mexico, shes housewife and working, she is divorcied, her favorite color is orange,her hair is brown.
shes old, short and good and loving person.

My grandfather is emilio

My mom grandparents.
My grandfather is Apolinar. Hes old, he is tall. He is from Mexico. Hes married. His hair is white, his eyes is black, hes labor. His favorite color is white.

My grandmother is Catalina. Shes very short, thin and very funny. Shes from Mexico, she is marrid, she is housewife. Her favorite color is blue. And shes beautiful.
I love my grandmother.

My dad is Luis Ricardo Zuiga Barrera.
Hes forty years old, his birthday is on november twenty. My daddy is tall, thin and handsome. He likes football, his favorite color is brown. He is married, he has four siblings and three children.

My mom is Celin Hernandez Alonso.
Shes mexican, shes forty one years old. My mom is used in school. Her birthday is on june seventheenth. Her hair is black and her eyes are brown. Shes married, she has three children and one sister. She is pretty, shes short and very funny.

My sister name is Sara Montserrat Zuiga Hernandez. Shes fourteen years old and her birthday is on march eleventh, shes a student. Monse is mexican. Her favorite color is pourple and she likes play softball. Her eyes is brow, her hair is brown and short, she is short.

This is me
My name is Riardo Alan Zuiga Hernandez, Im fifteen years old, my birthday is on october sixth. Im a student, Im from Mexico. My favorite color is green and my favorite sport is basquetball. My hair and my eyes are brown. I'm tall and happy person.
And this is my family.

My brother name is Bruno Zuiga Hernandez. Hes eleven years old. He is mexican. His birthday is on october twenty. Hes a student.
his eyes are brown and his hair is black.

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