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Hey guys! welcome to my awesome blog! I found out about this website at school when we were learning about internet safety. Most of this blog isn't really to do with daily life, but oh well! Enjoy! (Please leave a comment or question if you want to.)

First, if you want to read all these reviews you can, but if you want to skip them and just go to the other stuff, then do that.)

Some great books I read recently:

Model Misfit By Holly Smale
Age guide: suitable for ages 8 upwards
Star rating: (out of five) **** (and a half.)
Description: This is a great book, about a girl called Harriet Manners who is very geeky, but is also a model. In this book she goes on a modelling trip to Japan in her summer holiday. If you want to read the first book in the series, it's called Geek Girl.

Noughts and Crosses By Malorie Blackman
Age guide: suitable for ages 10 and upwards (it contains a bit of bad language and disturbing concepts)
Star rating: ***** (it's REALLY good!!!)
Description: Malorie Blackman is a fabulous writer, probably my favourite author at the moment. In this wonderful book, two groups of completely different people, the noughts and the Crosses, despise each other (basically they hate each other.) The Crosses are black and they rule the noughts and have much more money and better jobs than them, because noughts used to be their slaves. The noughts are white hate the Crosses for thinking they're better than them. A Cross girl called Sephy and a nought boy called Callum are best friends, but they are finding their friendship incredibly hard to handle because everybody else just keeps away from the opposite gender. I have recently started reading the second novel in the series, Knife Edge. there are four books in total in the series.

Computer Games
I just thought I'd write a bit about computer games, since they're really cool! I've written about games for other devices as well computers, so by reading this you're sure to find the perfect game for you! By the way, all these games are free to play/download.

Games for Ipad/IPhone/tablet

Talking Tom
Game type: Virtual Pet
Star rating: *** (and a half.)
Description: Talking Tom is a cat who eats, sleeps, goes to the bathroom(!) and loves to have his tummy tickled. You can play the mini games and customise your Tom's fur eyes and clothes as well. Unlock new items by levelling up.

My Boo
Game type: Virtual Pet
Star rating: ****
Description: Care for your Boo by giving it food, playing games with it, decorating its house and buying it clothes. Unlock new items by levelling up. You'll have hours of fun!

Minion Rush
Game type: General Skills
Star rating: *****
Description: By a simple swipe of your finger, control your minion and make it dodge, duck under and jump over obstacles. Collect bananas, unlock new minions to buy with bananas and Gru points, complete the challenges and do the daily bapple challenge to win awesome prizes, like bananas, Gru points and puzzle pieces! Take paths with green arrows on them to explore different worlds. If you want to get to a different world fast, use Gru points.

Jetpack Joyride
Game type: General Skills
Star rating: *****
Description: Make Barry dodge zappers, lasers and missiles. Buy jetpacks, gadgets, clothing and more with the coins you collect. Collect spin tokens to be in with a chance of winning prizes at the end of your game! If your device is connected to the internet, you can also ply the daily S.A.M challenge.

Jigty Puzzles
Game type: Logic
Star rating: **** (and a half.)
Description: Even though Jigty Puzzles and Talking Tom are completely different games, you earn 25 coins for your Tom per Jigty jigsaw puzzle you play. This game contains in-app purchases.

Match The Dots
Game type: Logic
Star rating: *** (and a half.)
Description: Draw lines between dots of the same colour to meet the level goal.

Fruit Ninja
Game type: Accuracy
Star rating: ****
Description: Slice the fruit with your finger to get a higher score and complete challenges. Play on Normal mode, Zen Mode or Arcade Mode. You can even against a friend (on the same device) by going on Zen Dual in Zen Mode.

Games for Nintendo Wii

Wii Play
Game type: Mixture
Star rating: *****
Description: On Wii Play, you can either play by yourself or with a friend. It consists of several mini games which help you learn how to use the Wii Remote, so it's good if you've only just got your Wii. The list of mini games includes Laser Hockey, Table Tennis and Shooting. It's great fun, whatever your age or ability. for some of the games, you may want to use a nunchuk rather than the arrow keys on your Wii Remote.

Just Dance Kids 2014
Game type: Fitness
Star rating: *** (and a half.)
Description: Choose from a list of songs or playlists, pick your mode and icon, then get dancing! All the songs available to dance to have a rating of how hard the dance moves on it are, and how energetic the song is too. The game requires you to hold the Wii Remote in your hand whilst playing.

Games to play on the computer

Game type: Mixture
Star rating: *****
Description: Friv is a website where you can play lots of different games, such as Paxon, Fire Boy and Water Girl, Papa's Pizzeria and Chromatronix. You've probably already heard of Friv as it's one of the most famous game sites. It has a whopping 250 games in total!

Nyan Cat Fly
Game type: General Skills
Star rating: *** (and a half.)
Description: Control Nyan Cat with the arrow keys, collect the treats but avoid the veggies! Submit your score to be in with a chance of getting you name on the leader board and customize your Nyan Cat's fur and body.

QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!
Here's a quiz about general knowledge, just to see what you know:
1. Who is the current president of South Africa?
2. Which boy band won the Brit Awards?
3. Which dog has a blue-black tongue?
4. Which dog is commonly known as a "police dog"?
5. What is the exact date of Pancake Day this year?
6. Who was the creator of Microsoft?
7. What is the capital of Germany?

Here are the answers, if you have to cheat a bit.
1. Jacob Zuma
2. One Direction
3. Chow Chow
4. Alsatian
5. Tuesday 4th of March
6. Bill Gates
7. Berlin

How did you do on the quiz? If you feel like it, you can write in to tell me. Here's a little bit about me:
I live in Hampshire with my mum and dad and my younger brother, who is 7. I'm 10 and I'll be 11 in April.
My favourite lesson is English. I don't like science, P.E and Geography. Maths is OK. The afterschool clubs I do are Art and Girls Brigade (it's a bit like Girl Guides or Brownies). In my spare time I like to read, draw and write my penfriends. I got most of my penfriends by writing in to the AQUILA penfriend club page (AQUILA is a magazine which my grandparents buy me.) My favourite authors are Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman and Helena Pierlihaty.

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