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Hi blog world, I'm Gigi and I'm going to be blogging about reviews.
But before I start any proper review or story, I'm going to talk to you about myself.

I live in Great Britain, England specifically, I'm under 16 yrs old and I'm a performer. I've done some west end work like fright night and wonderland but I've also been in amateur/feature films as well as plenty of stage work like Little Shop of Horrors and 13 the musical as well as straight acting, most recently Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream. I go to Pineapple Dance Studios and PQA. I hope to go on Broadway as well in the future. I play alto, tenor, baritone and occasionally soprano saxophone, I'm learning the clarinet and I play acoustic, classical and electric guitars. I'm writing this blog mainly for my silver arts award which is an arts version of Duke of Edinburgh and part of it is sharing reviews and experiences in some way. I've chosen blogging on the Internet.

Feel free to comment on the forum/guestbook and take my survey!


The picture is when I filmed a feature film in Devon!as well as mu ice bucket challenge!
Hi! This is my review for my silver arts award of the Sherlock Holmes exhibition in London.

Museum of London: Sherlock Holmes exhibition

The first of my reviews is on the art form literature.
On Friday 10th April, I went down to the Museum of London to view specifically the Sherlock Holmes exhibition. I loved this exhibit very much as I'm obsessed with the books and the Benedict Cumberbatch TV series. It created the atmosphere of the original stories by the rooms it was in being old fashioned, with alcoves and with the stylish bookcases of that time. We were greeted into the Museum itself by 'The Adventure of the Dancing Men' story as well as several Holmes quotes and images. We had to find a way into the exhibition and my father and myself found it by entering the bookcase which was not only an interesting thing to do but it set the scene of the time and genre perfectly. There were two halves to this exhibit; the first showing the original literature and the original London setting. There were paintings and sketches of various landmarks, a majority smothered in smog. My favourite painting was Evening in the Pool by Frederick Winkfield in 1890 of the River Thames and the surrounding buildings. There were posters of TV and film adaptations of Holmes; French, German, comic book and modern versions. As well as all this there were busts of Conan Doyle, original manuscripts, pages from the Strand magazine in which Holmes was published and postcards which showed the impact that these books made to all classes and all people. It showed that the literate population was growing fast.
The books are associated with trains and the suburbs. The fast growing stories are like Holmes's brain and the railways are the conduits that enable him to travel at speed to and from London eg Paddington and Charing Cross and to places further out. Holmes is famous for being addicted to cocaine and occasionally morphine, but in one of the stories, The Man with the twisted lip, he was in an opium den. He also enjoyed smoking tobacco and cigars.
'You don't mind the smell of strong tobacco I hope?'
In the second half of the exhibition was very much focused on the film and TV versions of Sherlock Holmes. There were video clips of these: Benedict Cumberbatch (The Empty Hearse (reuniting with Watson), The Scandal In Belgravia (Heathrow airport scene) ), Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey Jr. and Rupert Everett.
'He took his violin, from the corner, and as I stretched my myself out, dreaming a melodious air.'
The best thing was in this half that they said that he relies on information deduced from the minutest of details to solve the mysteries and crimes. That what's so unique and different about these stories, in fact there are 56 Sherlock Holmes stories and 4 short novels. Holmes is most recognised for having a deerstalker on his head, an iconic hat for an iconic figure. Towards the end of the exhibition, there was an audio clip from a Sherlock film of Sherlock and john, when Sherlock surprised John after he had faked his death. This exhibition was clever, quirky and throughly enjoyable and I would love to go again. I also loved seeing Mr. Cumberbatch's coat.
Afterwards I went to a Victorian walk through a street scene and the old London Town which culminated the exhibition very well and it enhanced my understanding of London's social history at the time of Sherlock Holmes; the man who never lived, and who will never die.
A review for my award:

I apologise if the language I use is hard to understand, please mind this as I'm using this for an award, thank you. Also as people and places mentioned which may wish to be anonymous so I've censored out their names. Sorry about this.

My second art form to review is performing arts and music. I went to see with some friends Avenue Q
performed by Viva touring company. It was on 20th June 2015 at 7:30pm at the Maltings in Ely. The
company are doing a tour of East Cambridgeshire before heading to The Edinburgh Fringe! I have
never seen a musical like it before!
I knew Avenue Q was an upbeat, punchy and modern musical but I never expected such an energetic
adaptation of it. The lovely thing about the show was that my PQA ********* comedy and drama
teacher **** was directing it and my principal of PQA *********, *****, was playing Nicky. An
alumna of my school played Gary Coleman and her vocals were just outstanding. You could
not tell this was an amateur production.
My favourite moment of the show was Nicky's song "If you were gay" which I loved as it was
humorous and it showed the incredible, tight, hilarious relationship between Nicky and Rod (whom
the song was sung to). The show also had many sensitive moments like the song "There's a Fine Fine
Line" sung by the character Kate Monster but many funny ones like when Christmas Eve sang "When
you Ruv someone the more you want to kill them", the character was Japanese, 'ruv' is not a typo.
Avenue Q highlights problems about the world and shows the world for what it really is like the song
"Everyone's a little bit racist". Even the song titles are bold! The entire cast was very strong and no
one at all throughout was weak which is just amazing for an amateur cast. I loved watching the
puppets as no other musical does this but also it must be very hard and tiring to sync your actions
and emotions with the puppets. I had my own taste of this when I was invited to a very special
masterclass with Pauline Quirke at RADA studios in London. Not only did we have a film and
television masterclass with her, we had a musical theatre workshop with Mark Goldthorp from
London's West End and National tour of Avenue Q. Believe me, it took a lot of practice to even move
the mouth of the puppet! I loved the scenery being so simplistic because it didn't distract from the
performance and you still understand the setting and mood unlike Matilda the musical where I
became very distracted looking at the words on the set.
I loved Avenue Q because of the joy I felt whilst watching it and after and I really want to see it again
and again and again. The direction and musical direction was sublime. I would definitely recommend
Avenue Q because of the snappy comedy and astounding vocals but not to anyone below 14 as it was a bit fudge but I loved it!
Hey world!
Sorry I haven't blogged for a while but I've been very busy!
I want to talk about technology because it is moving so fast! I'm typing my GCSEs and I need a good laptop! Please recommend one that isn't too expensive but great for coursework!
I have a pretty new Nokia that I've had for a few months and I'm happy with it so why do others feel the pricey need to spend cash on a phone that will easily smash when dropped? I've dropped my Nokia lumina loads of times and so far *touchwood* it hasn't smashed yet! I just feel Apple is too big a company now and isn't thinking about the market and the speed it's going at!
Sorry it's short but I'm in a really huge year for my school life!
See ya!

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