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Welcome! This site is filled with DIY craft ideas. Have fun!
Here is a DIY project using old pop cans.

Today's feature will be pop-tab crafts.
Project 0ne: Rings
You will need:
Pop-tabs(get them off soda cans)
Small circle of cardboard
Small embelishment

Step one- Glue the pop-tabs to the circle of cardboard.

Step two- Add on embelishment

Now you're done!
Here is another project containing pop-tabs.
pop-tab Bracelet
You will need:
craft pliers

Step one- Start by opening the pop-tabs with the pliers.

Step two- attach the pop-tabs together. Now reclose them.

Step three- Weave the ribbon through the pop-tabs.

Now your done!
Pop-tab earrings
You will need:
earring hooks(you can get them at Jo-anne)
craft pliers
Step one- open pop-tabs

Step two- Attach pop-tabs to earring hooks. Now close pop-tabs.

Step three- add any embelishments.
You're done!

Today's project will be working with tin cans.

Project1:Flower pot.

You will need:
Tin cans

Step 1-Take the tin can, and remove the labeling.

Step 2-paint the cans.

Step 3-add embelishments or paint more details on it.(This step is optional)

Nw your done! Just add soil and a plant.
multi-color Crayons

You will need:
old crayons(peel off the wrappings)
Cupcake tin
Cupcake wrappers

Step 1- put the cupcake wrappers in the cupcake tin. Now put in the crayons of your choosing.

Step 2-put it in the oven and cook until melted.

Step 3-put it in the freezer until harden.

Now your done!

Soda bottle coin purse

You will need:
2 empty 2 liter bottles
zipper (Joanns sells them)
Hot glue gun

Step one- Cut off the bottoms of the bottles.

Step two- With the hot glue gun, glue the zipper track to the interior of the bottles.

Step 3 (optional)- now add embelishments, paint or any other type of persionilization, that you like.

Now your done!
Bottle cap magnets

You will need:
bottle caps
small magnets

Step one- glue the magnets to the bottle caps. Let dry.

Step two- glue the pictures to the other side of the bottle cap (Cut it to the apropriate size.)

Now you're done!
(You can use them as fridgerator magnets)

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