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sharks every were

shark are very proud animals. thay hunt fish,sharks,dolphines and dead whales not man. people attack sharks to make them die and live in peace!! well we help!!click the i do to help!!then goto a shark we have,makos,great white,threasher,reef,bull,pygmy and blue fin shark pick 1!!
mako-makos are very fast as you contenu you have to take care of the mako.make chum play ball and swim with this beast!!!diet-chum,tuna,and carcas
great white- care for this beast every day or will die help mommy sharks have babys.a shark like this will need chum,seals, open ocean and compney!
threasher-this shark would love a home plz adopt!!!!
pygmy-this small sharks home is gone because a boat put a net on it so ADOPT NOW

the key to being a shark is to have hope HOPE HOPE!!so go to a sea or beach dive in and have hope u will be a shark of all times

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