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Artist Reni von Bifamo in Monaco

Monaco, Monte Carlo is a beautiful place since a long time, started as small village and developed an excellent architecture, culture , sport aso.
Monaco look every time for new true investors, who like this all country with the beautiful gardens, flowers, sun and sea and mountains on the back front.
I read a lot about Monaco from the history until now in different languages.
Is true is sometimes a mystical place, but why?
People from all over the world comes here and some of them criminal and others good.
People respect not often the country and their laws and culture.
I think in the world is a lot of changing now.
We should be more carefully, true, friendly aso.
If you like built a beauty place and others like destroy it that isn't right.
On the winter time we have decorations for Christmas and celebrate that a long time with snow deco aso.
We have over 100 different nations here is written.
Come and enjoy a good time in Monaco.
Meet me with my musical sightseeing tour, my artcreations, my style, my chansons aso.

Sée m'y création about culture Monaco since 19. Center
Artist place
I create Art style post cards de luxe
Portraits, landscaps , flowers aso
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Artist Reni von Bifamo

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