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all different disneychannel stars

its hilary


cake in my face!!

So cute, Miley texting!!

gold is cool


black and white

cool pool

Love the top!!

miley lily and oliver

its my wedding

kissy kissy

i love candy

i love hats

im the princess

im in new york

3 me'ss

(cry cry) i am so sad

Ashley!!! So cute love the bear

M Marvelous
I Inventive
L Legendary
E Entertaining
Y Youthful

Love this pic soo much!
Favorite time of day: 1:00
Favorite topic of conversation: Music & Boys
Favorite School Subject: Creative Writing
Makes me laugh: EVERYTHING LOL
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Who do you admire and consider as a rolemodel?: My mommy
Favorite Sound: Rain
I see myself in 10 years: I have NO IDEA.
Favorite Color: Pink!
Favorite Sport: Cheerleading
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Riding My Bike
Favorite style of music: Pop Rock
Favorite Food: Chinese
Month you were born?: November
Favorite Hobby: Shopping
When i was born: Nashville
Favorite time of year: Summer!!
ಌName: Destiny Hope Cyrus
ಌNick Name: Miley
ಌBirthday: Nov. 23, 1992
ಌHome Town: Nashville, Tennesse
ಌHobbies: dancing, cheerleading, singing,
playing the guitar, and writing music

orange is cool

i love that top


in disney

i don't want u to take that


aly and aj

miley is traveling and she died her hair black when she went to london



zac and cody

zac and his hotnest


miley on the stairs

winter time

vanessa hugans

poster of miley

miley aly and aj



nina from... u no where

ashley and nessa


she is from cory in the house


lizzie in italy

moe the new actor
hey thanks for visiting my blog please enjoy all the pics i love the last one he is a cutie pie

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