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Hellooo XD
Welcome to my page
Ive made this because I think it is nice to put a name to a face.
Here is my bio:

Name - Sophie
Age - 18
Lives - Wales, GBR Nationality - Welsh
Hair - Black
Eyes - Blue
Born to - Travel!! :P

I have been to France, Portugal, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, All the Ionian islands, Crete, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. The top 5 countries I want to go to are:
1. Russia 2.Ukraine 3.Belarus 4.Serbia 5.Romania <3

I have a wonderful boyfriend called Steven, but everyone calls him Shaggy. He is not my first boyfriend but the first true love I have ever had. I love him to bits <3

I am in Yale College, Wrexham studying Travel and Tourism.

I am an ameteur World War 2 and Holocaust/Genocide historian.

I have 3 pet rats, all girls, Mina,Rukiya and Beatrice, and a dog called Pongo.

I am a Star Trek Fan!

My faveroute film is Event Horizon, and my faveroute book is Dante's Inferno ( The Divine Comedy )

I am Pagan

I love Politics ( Modern and Historical )

And all in all, If I seem interesting feel free to email me, I dont bite. I dont hate anyone for their race,religion or opinions.

<3 Lots Of love <3

One of my ratties Beatrice <3

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