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sir edmund patmore (alaska-usa)

who is sir edmund patmore

lhe man with his father. and his grand father. who built empire that is in more than 20 countries. and it believe is worth 90 billion pounds. 100 and 80 billion dollers u.s

sir edmund power is by how high he held by them in authourity in number of countries. we will look at the countries. why he in such place of high

in china patmores help to bring about shops . they let out over 900 stalls. like them in the picture

family let out 600 homes. and 90 shops. and play big part in bring international companies to this part of world

sir edmund fund much of shangai musuem

chug lee, policial expert . say . sir patmore is man of power in this land. he want he take

mrs yian head of education. said this. sir edmund can come. get. take . any thing . yes any thing in not just china. but in korea.

passport of sir edmund he hold lots of passports

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