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Hi and welcome to camrins blog! Here I talk about my life and stuff in Qaanaaq, my city. If you want to pen pal please visitmy penpal page or emailpal me at redstoneminecraftredstone@gmail.com but I am not allowed snailmail because my parent wont let me give my adress away and I try hard to reply to everyone but not always do I get to talk.

Greetings in Sierra Leone! I did not get ebola! (No rasism) I went there and watch stuff. It a nice place. But most nicest is my family! I met up with Jane, my sister who works with Monaco Air Heliport, my other sister Yngvildur, or Vil for shorts, who studying college in Bulgaria, and she has really nice boyfriend names Sam, he born in Sierra Leone but evacuated to Yemen after something private, then from Yemen to syria, to turkey, and to bulgaria!

My mother icelandic but my father bulgarian. We are all over the place!!! But anyway Sam take us around. We went to Freetown and watched a dance performs. After, we went see the abandon Freetown train station. It was nothing special. I am sleepy little because it 6:00 in greenland and 9:00 here. We live in Sams shack. There it quite crammed but it not bad. Since it so early, I am waiting till 8:00 greenland time (11:00 sierra time) before I eat. So to kill time, I typed up this thing. Oh and by the way, the reason why i not put picture here is it very glitchy and when I put a pic here, all other pics change to the one I put!!! So instead go to my penpal account "Camrin" and look at gallery. Thank for you reading! And excuse my stomache i haver to eat!

It almost april fool! Hope you all have a fun time. I don't celebrate however. Me and my friend just use the time to chat.

So today we went to Canada. Because there is no market in greenland, you got to hunt or fish. Ever ate a hale? Inuit are only people alowed to legally hunt and eat whale. Whale kind of bouncy, like when you chew it bounced back! But I am too lazy to hunt so thankfully in Canada we have little reserve where we go and plant crops of all kind. Canada only 40ish kilometres from greenland! We boat there weekly.

Also, know how I said I was going to Sierra Leone? I am actually going this spring break instead! Very fun! In greenland we have a holiday called spring break which is a werk no school. For 3 days I am going to be in Sierra leone and will be with my parent!!! I will take pictures for my blog. I am scared ofebola though as Sierra leone was the first place ebola came. Eek!

Why am I going to Sierra Leone of all country you ask? Well Qaanaaq airport only has like 3 destinations so that why. And it only for summer break not that long anyhow.

So take care dear blog viewer, and I will see you next time... In Sierra Leone! Yaaa! I will make sure to take pictures. Also here is a picture of all the destinations Qaanaaq airport have.


I was born in Reykjavik but my parent sends me to a baby care centre in Nuuk, greenland at age 4 because they were pilots and air stewardess for icelandair so theycouldn't take leave for long. In Nuuk I apparently was badly treated ( but I can't memory ) so they send me to Qaanaaq because my brother who is 31 today work as airtrafficking controler for Greenlandair in Qaanaaq and the parent hope he can take care of me. But like them, he also couldn't take leave for long so I went to boarding school and grew up there. I am 13 now, and I never seen my parents nor do I remember. We don't even speak the same languages! When I am 18 they will hopefully come for me and then I will be a pilot for icelandair! But I can only dream of it right now...

I am flying to Sierra Leone! Anyone from there know what to visit? My parent will meet me and my brother there. I am so excited! It is really hard to get into Qaanaaq, only 4 other destinations serve it and one of them is SRK airport (sierra leone) so wish me luck and I will depart on may 6. Here is my flight map:

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