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Awww!!! That is cute!!

Tell me it's not cute.
"What are you looking at?" Nothing you are just cute!!

Awww!! What a cute puppy face!!

Who can resist that?? I can't!

Ahoy me cuteys!!


Cutey baby!!!! AWWWW!!!

Ok that is a cutey isn't it??? Look at it. The eyes the nose, oh come on you can't resist that one!!

One little two little three little cuteys!

"Aren't I too cute?" Oh yes you are.

Remember 101 Dalmatians? Did one of those cuteys pop out of the screen?

Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

That's a little cutey huh?

Cute Cute cute OK!! I can't no more!!!

Awww ok, I give up!! I can't no more!!

Hey Cutey!! Ok ok ok!! I give up!!!!

PUPPIES I love it!!

101 Dalmatians!! Ok only a few. But they are irresistible!!

That's not cute then what is??


For our country of cuteys!!
That is cute!!
"Hey why am I here?"


"Ok ok, mom, I can explain why a skunk is next to me, he is my friend. But woah he stinks. Please don't make me take a bath!!"

Thanks for coming!! See you soon!!!!!

Yeah thanks for coming but it is time for us to nap. We will love you to come back very soon. Check out our forum, and survey email the editor,too. If you like our pictures do not use them without permission. We love you all. Leave a message and show some love. Also, we will appreciate if you adopt a puppy from any shelter. There are alot of dogs in need of families out there. Most them have been mistreated in the past. Please make sure to check your local pet shelter and help other animals in need. Volunteer at a pet shelter there are lots of puppies, kittens, and other animals in need of a home. Trust me when you do the right thing lots of good stuff will happen. Spread the word please. The editor of this page will post more pictures and comments. Come back very soon and remember to come back very soon. Please adopt a puppy from a shelter... Good bye and remember we all love you....You can find the editor sometime chatting in click here as LOVE YA my number is 158 or 196. Remember if you enjoy life, you will be happy. If you don't you really waited your time in our world. We love ya!!


Ps. By the way, I want to thank the people who have told their friends about this blog. And thanks for being such great people.

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