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Hi, this website is about Poptropica. On Poptropica I am Popular Boot, but my username is lindsey7618. I will include all sorts of things about Poptropica. A lot of the islands are hard, right? Well now I'm making walkthroughs to help you through them. Half credit goes to Fierce Moon and her blog, PoptropicaSecrets, since I completed these islands thanks to her. Friend me!!!
Also, I have another blog I made with the help of my friend, Perfect Owl, on Poptropica. My new blog is better! Check it out!- http://sadiekanepjo.wix.com/popsecrets.


Early Poptropica- Early Poptropica was the first Poptropica island ever.

Written Walkthrough

*You arrive in Main Street.
*Go to the right,until you get to where the first settlers are(which is Early Poptropica).Talk to them.One man is missing his pig.The town is missing the bucket for their well.If you jump up on the tower,you'll see another settler complaining about a missing flag.
*Go back to Main Street and go down the open sewer grate by the fire hydrant.
*Go right and get the pig.Go out of the sewer and back to Early Poptropica.
*Give the pig to the man and go down the well.
*Jump to the upper-left and grab the glow stick.Go out of the well.
*Run back to Main Street.
*Run left from Main Street,into the Poptropica Towers.
*Run left until you get to a big blue building.Work your way up.
*Go right and talk to the giant.Then go back down.
*Find the pothole and go down.Go left,right,right,right and left and pick up the golden egg.
*Go back to the giant.He will let you pass.
*Go right and get the bucket and the jet pack.
*Go back to Main Street.
*Use the jet and fly up the water tower to get the flag.
*Go back to Early Poptropica.
*Give back the flag and bucket.
*A ship will come to the dock.Jump on it and talk to the man.He will give you the island meddalion and 50 credits.Woo-hoo!You won!Congratiolations!P.Syou only get credits the first time you play.You can restart the island by clicking on your map and clicking on 'restart'.


Early Poptropica

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