Hobbies - Art
Water colours and sketches-

I paint-- and I write poetry and short stories-- though I am a teacher, which I do for my bread and butter but love -
it is important for me to show some of my pictures, as some very unscrupulous people have used my work, tracing it and sending it to design places as their own work.. They then get people to break into my home and steal the sketch books with the work in it which they have copied!
I have worked hard and long hours, and devoted half of my life to my paintings-- they also use my poetry. it is everywhere, as ads., as stories, you name it.. In this country the law is an ass, there is little justice if you are not rich enough, those with money have the power!

I paint water colours and also oil pastels as well as pencil and pen sketches- here are a few!

Water colours and sketches- (Hobbies - Art)    -    Author : Renate - Great Britain

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