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Welcome to my blog
Hello,I am Nandita .I love animals and this blog is for other animal-lovers.I have uploaded photos of cute animals,peculiar animal behavior and also information about dogs and cats and how to take care of them
Contact me only if you have any suggestions or comments related to my blog
So enjoy and give me feedback

My blog is under construction but please keep visiting.I'll have fresh photos for you daily.

Hey,isn't that cute.I don't think any human would have tolerated that.Good to see them happy and healthy
Lions are classified as endangered species.It's up to us to take an active part against destruction of their habitat,poaching,cruel circuses etc.Thank you

Isn't this a gorgeous feline?One thing good about having a cat is that they know how to clean themselves and they aren't clumsy at all(well there are some exceptions..)

This picture is cute,yeah.But do you see the barbed wire under the cow's neck and near her eye?That could harm her.We should watch out for such things in the vicinityof our domestic animals so that ugly accidents do not occur.Thanx

Isn't this gray kitten an adorable bundle of joy?

This is a picture of a curious but heart-warming relationship between an otter and her baby which reminds us that animals too have feelings and detest being separated from each other.

Animals really are very trusting when they are babies.Sometimes,too much so for their own good

Isn't that cute.That bird is picking the cat's nose for it

This relationship between a calf and a rabbit is sweet enough to warm the snow.Look at the understanding in their eyes.

These are two lynxes(s-lynx)often mistaken as large house cats with furry ears.Ha Ha...enjoy

If only we could see more of this gentle love between a dog and a cat!

Just look at that adorable foal.That's just the look my dog sometimes gives me when she wants something done!

Two of our cousins!

That mouse is inviting trouble!Lucky for him they`re only kittens

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