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PhuThai Culture.
The Phu Tai 3 Tribe is the cultural heritage of the Phutai people living in the Phu Phan Range, which has been raised in three provinces, Kalasin, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom to compare the management of the show. Due to the Phu Tai people, these three groups have the form and In 1979, the Fine Arts Department had a policy to publish Isan culture. The faculty was sent with students from the College of Dramatic Arts Roi Et. The area of ​​the field in Kalasin, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom (later the area separated from the province of Nakhon Phanom Mukdahan) by combining music, music and dressing.
The Typhoon in Nakhon Phanom The famous and well known. Dance of the Tai District of Rattanakosin It is considered to be unique in Nakhon Phanom province in 1955, His Majesty the King and Queen. He came to worship Phra That Phanom, the Governor of Nakhon Phanom governorate in that period, has arranged for the relief of the Tai. There is Mr. Kumon Ininti, education officer of Renu Nakhon District, has improved the way the tide is more beautiful. Invited elders with experience in the fight. It became a traditional dance of the people
The Tyrant of Kalasin Province The dress is different from that of the Tai in other places. Wearing a black sweater with a khaki cloth. The style of dance is mixed from the dance. And fireballs. The dance will start from the Wai Wai bow posture, Tha Manohra, Tha lotus blossom, Tha Maye Tha Malaikaew, using the women's skirt. The tiger of Kalasin will be driving a car called "Lam Phu Tai", the three tribes of the Tai is the application of the three of them to see the unique dance style of each.
The Typhoon of Sakon Nakhon It's a different style of dance than Tai Dam. Because the Tai Tai in Sakon Nakhon will wear a nail. Like a nail in the north. The nail tip is red. Use a woman I have to say that this is not the case. The dance is used to beat the song and the melody. I have a lotus flower buds.
Ban Sabai Ceremony Sometimes it is called a ceremony, a ceremony, a ceremony, a ceremony is a tradition of Thai and Lao people with the belief that. Everybody is born with an abstraction called "morale", which has the duty to sustain life and follow the owner everywhere. The ceremony is to invite the morale of the lost to come to live with. And believe that it strengthens the mind. Be conscious and do not underestimate
Uranium or alcohol is a product that the Thai people still preserve and inherit their children. "Una" is an alcoholic beverage made from rice, rice husk and yeast starch. Currently, Ubon is a famous Tambon product. Popular of the people. When the guests are welcomed with Thai dancing. There will be guests invited to join with the Thai girl called Rattana, which is an indispensable tradition and impress the visitor will never forget.
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