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Phu Tai culture and tradition
Dressing culture

By social characteristics Phu Tai (Thai) is a diligent group. And a special snooty. And culture in the knitting garment pronounced. There are various types of clothing, such as silk, cotton, silk in the Phu Thai (Thai), especially Praewa.

The culture of the Phu Tai group is characterized by the weaving of the foot as a single piece of cloth, such as a small foot 4 to 5 inches (hand) called the foot is popular in Phu Tai. Weaving is a miracle. There is an indigo pot. The color is almost indigo black. But the villagers called? Black cloth? The black skirt features. Weaving and pattern such as small size. In addition, there are other designs such as fish meats, grilled meats, grilled meats. Not woven into the pasture. If the pattern is separated, the colors are green, blue, red, purple. In addition, white cotton is found in black and white.
The shirt is made of three coats of arms, tie, plain, silver or silver coin, such as five cent coin ten dollars to line. It was used as a dark indigo dye in about 1937 with the leader of the red cloth on the shirt, such as the neck of the sleeveless shirt to use in the Phu Phai Sakon Nakhon. And used to date.
Dressing culture

Blankets, small weaving is a culture of the people in the Northeast area long blanket used to cover instead of sweaters used to cover the shoulder as well as Thai Laos used a cloth loincloth. Blankets of various people at a later time are small. The fabric is a useful replacement. It was a cold winter. Or conceal the upper body. By overlay The blanket of Phu Tai called the cloth is a woven cloth, the thread has a variety of flooring machine. Phu Tai people also have a shirt. Used as a room barrier. Or a blanket instead of a sweater or medium. 2, a large blanket cover. But the name of the fabric is the fabric of Nang Noi, Tao District, Sakon Nakhon. The dress of the Phu Tai. Also popular is an anklet bracelet (articulated arm) made of silver. I'm a tall boxer in the old days, using cloth or monogram. Made in a small rectangular box roll binded hair in the fabric in the back. I used a small red cloth to tie a Praemone made a small square rolls, boxed hair in the back. Now use a small red cloth to tie Praorn.
The Phu Tai 3

The Phu Tai 3 Tribe is the cultural heritage of the Phutai people living in the Phu Phan Range, which has been raised in three provinces, Kalasin, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom to compare the management of the show. Due to the Phu Tai people, these three groups have the form and In 1979, the Fine Arts Department had a policy to publish Isan culture. The faculty was sent with students from the College of Dramatic Arts Roi Et. The area of ​​the field in Kalasin, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom (later the area separated from the province of Nakhon Phanom Mukdahan) by combining the poem, music and dressing up to the "3 Phu Tribe Dance". First, the Phu Tai 3 Tribe will begin with the dance of Phu Tai people in Kalasin province. Phu Tai District, Sakon Nakhon Province And Phu Tai in Nakhon Phanom. In all three tribes, this tribe will have three men to fight the tribe. There is an ancient fighting boxing fight between the tribes. And then the courtship of the men and women too soon afterwards, Kalasin College of Dramatic Arts. 3 tribes in another form. It will be different in that it starts with the Sakon Nakhon before. Followed by Phu Tai in Kalasin province. And Phu Tai in Nakhon Phanom. For the "Phu Tai Tai 3 Tribe" of the dance club and the local music (canon) will be presented similarly to the dance of Phu Tai 3 tribe of the College of Dramatic Arts Roi Et. Just a little bit different.
Phutai Sakon Nakhon

It's a different style of dance than Tai Dam. Because the Tai Tai in Sakon Nakhon will wear a nail. Like a nail in the north. The nail tip is red. Use a woman I have to say that this is not the case. The dance is used to beat the song and the melody. There is a lotus flower in the lotus position. Or Tha Nang Tail Music Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum

costume Will wear a black shirt Black Swimsuit Wearing a nail made of metal or some paper used to make a red tassel at the end. Red White knuckle box Sometimes tie with red cloth instead. At present. Some of the dresses that I have used in Sakon Nakhon have been changed to black trim. Black garment The cloth may be used to cover the fabric.

    Phutai Dance in Kalasin Province
"Phraya Kalasin"

"Phu Phra Thong Kalasin" has a different dress style from Phu Tai in other places, wearing a black shirt with khaki fabric, dancing with phat and fireballs. The dance begins with a gesture of gesture. The tsunami of Kalasin is driving the so-called "Lamphu"
  The dress is different from that of the Tai in other places. Wearing a black sweater with a khaki cloth. The style of dance is mixed from the dance. And fireballs. The dance will start from the Wai Wai bow posture, Tha Manohra, Tha lotus blossom, Tha Maye Tha Malaikaew, using the women's skirt. The tiger of Kalasin is driven by a boat called "Lam Phu Tai", which is a tribute to the three tribes, the application of the three of them to see the unique dance style of each locality. The three tribes of the tribe show the common characteristics of the three tribes.

The third tribe of the Tigers will start the fight. The Tai Sakon and the Tai Raton In the tribute to the 3 tribes, this tribe will add three tribesmen to showcase the style of ancient boxing dance between the tribes. Or courtship between men and women.
Phutai, Nakhon Phanom or Phu Thai Renu

The famous and well known. Dance of the Tai District of Rattanakosin It is considered to be unique in Nakhon Phanom province in 1955, His Majesty the King and Queen. He came to worship Phra That Phanom, the Governor of Nakhon Phanom governorate in that period, has arranged for the relief of the Tai. There is Mr. Kumon Ininti, education officer of Renu Nakhon district, has improved the position of the thais more beautiful. Invited elders with experience in the fight. It became a traditional dance of the people have passed to their successive children. Tha Thong is a place where you can dance, dance, dance, dance and dance. Tigers out. Thrown Crocodile The dance is arranged in pairs. Use real men and women from 10 pairs up. The instrument consists of drums, branches, drums, tapes, drums, gongs, drums and goblets.

For costume The women used to wear dark blue trim, both red and white shirt and white cloth, jewelry, silver jewelry, earrings. Silver Bangle Bracelet Highball box with white lace White blanket Currently using white knit fabric. Men will wear a shirt with a red cloth, a dress with a girdle and a headband.
Phutai Food

Phu Tai Tai (or Thai) is a traditional community in the northeast. In the past, it was believed to be a group of people in Xishuangbanna and Xishuangbanna in southern China. The emigration down south. Most of them are located in Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan, Sakon Nakhon and Kalasin. Phu Tai people are very careful about the location of the village. Always consider the plains near the mountains or water resources. This location is guaranteed to be a source of food that children can eat throughout life. Near the forest makes the life of the Phu Tai simple. Seasonal adaptation When combined with farming themselves. The more you make a living, the more food you eat. Phu Tai people eat glutinous rice. The Phu Tai people eat noodles. Not very spicy There are basic condiments in the kitchen, just chili, salt, roasted rice (rice, glutinous rice), rice (rice, glutinous rice, soaked in water for a few times) and fermented fish is delicious.
  Habits of eating Phu Tai people have a simple eating habits. And to eat like a typical Northeast is sticky rice. Eat with the floor No spoon in the middle of the spoon, 2-3 units changed, some families eat in the kitchen. Some families eat on the porch. At present, there are some changes. Some families who have a good position have a dining table. (Maybe eat rice) is trying to adjust to the Central.

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