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Bhutan is a small sovereign kingdom hidden deep in the folds of the great Himalayan Mountains with Tibetan autonomous region of China to the north and India to the south. With an area of 38,394-Km square, it extends across 3degree of longitude and almost 1.5degree of latitude. Its terrain ranges from the sub-tropical foothills in the south, through the temperate zones, to dizzying heights of over 180m-7,550`m.The south, with its lowlands and promontories, has a subtropical climate with warm winters and hot and very humid summers.
The central experiences a temperate climate. However, the northern region is characterized by short, cool summers and cold winters with much snow.

For traveling to Bhutan a visa is required for all the tourists. Other then the travel agents in Bhutan no foreign mission abroad grants Bhutan tourist visas. To obtain your VISA, you must forward us the completed Visa form at least three weeks prior to the date of arrival by mail or fax us:

Once your Visa is cleared from the Foreign Ministry, Your visa clearance number is forwarded to the concerned overseas Druk Air station and you will be notified also. Without the Visa clearance number, Druk Air tickets are not issued and you will not be allowed to board the flight. Your Visa will be stamped only on arrival at the airport. For travelers entering Bhutan by surface through the border, the Visa will be stamped on arrival at the immigration check point in the border.

On your arrival you will need Two copies of original passport size photographs and a Visa Fee of US $20 per person.

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