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hi everyone :-D..i want to say a big thank you for stopping by..I would like to blog about this totally cool and amazing country 'The Philippines' basically, this is for everyone who is in one way or the other interested in this awesome country..non-lovers are also highly welcome..♥
hey guys!!! today I bring to you "10 common activities/ behaviours of Filipinos"...I really do hope no one finds this insulting.. well then..enjoy!!!

1)nicknames••• haha,yes..they love nicknames and most times,these names start from childhood and eventually stick...such that people actually forget their real names..

2)karaoke••• oh yeah!!..this one is very popular among the Filipinos...

3)pssst••• psst!!..hey,you are definitely filipino..Filipinos tend to turn around when they hear that's a generally acknowledged way of getting someone's attention..

4)furniture piano••• most filipino homes have a piano which interestingly,no one ever plays..

5)filipinos normally point with their lips and use their feet to pick up things..

6)Filipino time••• well,what can i say?generally late to everything..

7)balikbayan box••• This is a huge cardboard box in which a Filipino living abroad put stuff to be sent to his relatives at home..

8)Rice••• this is basically seen as the completion of every meal..

9)Three homes••• apparently,the first is the home,second is school and the third is none other than the mall(FREE AIR CONDITIONING).. HAHA

10)FUN,FUN,FUN,visiting and bonding with relatives... and while you are visiting,you might want to remember not to wear your shoes into the house...
The Philippines
A unique and beautiful paradise in south East Asia. Manila is its capital.♡®•©♥This beautiful country with over 7,100 islands will no doubt hold any traveller spellbound with its amazing beaches, irrestibly delicious food, friendly locals and overall charm..♥♡☆~☆★°™♥★♥
For all nature lovers and adventurers at heart,don't miss out on this wonderful Paradise with the tropical forests,white sand beaches,rare mammals and fascinating aquamarine life..come and discover,its more fun in the Philippines..★♥★♥♡

picture of a Filipino child doing the 'mano' to her 'lola'
life as a teenager in the Philippines
Filipino teenagers study hard in school because proper education means a good paying job in the near future.They also spend most of their time in computer shops playing games like the popular "DOTA" or chatting... Filipino teens have a favorite hobby which is texting...♡`°`°`♡`♥you will see teens with their cell phones texting on the street, at home,in a coffee shop(which is even better;FREE WIFI).....♡~♡~♡~
They also have a love for music and partying..A Filipino child will learn to play at least one musical instrument growing up...Birthday celebrations and festivals are always looked forward to with much anticipation..most times,there is karaoke and you have to sing regardless of your voice...
In all,Filipino teens try to lead happy lives and take things as they come...★♡♡
Filipinos are usually very family oriented and also
very big on respect... ■□■□□★you are obliged to show
respect to even someone a year older than you...
The 'mano' which involves a younger person
placing the fingers of an elder to his forehead
while slightly bowing is the highest form of
respect in Filipino culture...♡~♡~♡~♡
Filipinos are normally born into a large family of
'titas' and 'titos' which he is obliged to show
respect to..most times,he is not actually related
to such 'titas'and 'titos'....★☆☆☆★

The people •••
The people of the Philippines, generally known as
Filipinos or pinoy for male and pinay for female
are possibly the most hospitable people in the
whole of Asia...They will bring a foreigner into
their home for some delicious food and most
often than not,karaoke...♥♡□■☆★^.Always
willing to lend a hand with charming,infectious
smiles on their faces..smiles which hide lots of
pains and problems.Filipinos always find a reason to
dance,sing and celebrate even in the midst of
suffering...In the night,you can begin to hear loud
singing and joyful noises coming from the house
of your Filipino neighbors, probably to celebrate
someone's birthday even if they don't have much
money....its in their blood...I wish we had more
people like this in the world..♥★☆
xup guys!!!..I have here a list of some words exclusive to Filipinos.. you might be familiar with most of them, but I can assure you they are nothing similar to the meanings you know...well,except you are pinoy..

1)live-in••• oh!! you mean live-in house help or tutor..I certainly did know honey, you don' is used to describe an unmarried couple living together well,obviously in sin..gotcha!!!

2)kodaki••• refers to taking a picture with a camera,not a phone camera or any other stuff but a real camera..

3)badshot••• no baby,this has absolutely nothing to do with your kodaki..well,most people use this to refer to a picture which didn't turn out well..but here in the Philippines it is used to show frustration,especially when stuck in traffic or just about any frustrating situation..

4)ice drop••• what you might know as popsicle..

5)comfort room••• usually abbreviated to a generally known name for rest room or bathroom,..I guess what they do in there is actually comforting..

6)aircon••• not air conditioner,not AC but aircon
7)pentel pen••• non-permanent markers..

8)chancing••• to make advances at someone especially someone who will most likely not be interested..

9)brown-out••• used in a case of power failure..

10)mineral water••• purified or distilled water sold in bottles on the street..

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