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the fun of soft pastels

I am going to talk about soft pastels if you don't know what soft pastels are well soft pastels are colors that are oily you can color from the sides or from the front
The fun of painting


hi today I am going to tell you about paint sometimes I just like to randomly paint stuff like splashing it and mix it with water and freeze it and break it to make little crystals to add them to my painting I like smudging my colors to make the paper colorful apart from a blank paper I like to paint it is so fun.

my first blog


hi today I'm going to tell you why I chose art because I like designs and colors art makes me feel like I'm in another world because I can imagine it inside my head I like art because he makes crazy drawing some people even paint blind folded, for instant some body drew the joker, I drew some pictures there at my house its a good experience to try drawing you feel like a star.

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