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Hello world! This is my first post for my new blog! Before I start with the fashion, I wanna tell you a little about me. So, first of all, my name is Noor and I (obviously) LOVE fashion! My interest for it probably started in like the summer before 4th grade. When 4th grade started up, I had a HUGE journal in which I would just draw and draw designs for clothes. People told me that I could become a fashion designer and I still want to. Later on though, I realized I wanted to start not just designing everyday clothes but unusual clothing, too. I started sketching like John Galliano. His clothes are unusual but I love them! You should search him up. Anyways, I started to get more into it and before I knew it, in 5th grade, I found my best friend who loved to design and had the same interest in clothes that I did. In the summer of 5th grade, we took sewing classes together and learned how to sew zippers, buttons, and other advanced things. This is what started my passion.
If you want to know a little about my life, I LOVE chocolate. Also, I have two birds, my favorite animals. I love knitting and crocheting when I'm not sewing. I also like to read and sketch things other than clothes. So that's pretty much the basics and if you wanna know more, just ask.
OK, lets get to the fashion. As you know, it's winter and since I live in Texas it won't get too cold, but if you live somewhere else, you may not be able to go to school for a LONG time. So, what do you do in that break? You would want to stay warm. But not just sit around in your sweats all day. So, you need to have warm but cute clothes. Here are my top 5 fashions of the season:
1. Over-sized sweaters
These cute blobs of fabric will be cozy yet fashionable. They can go up to your knees or just to your mid-thigh. Nothing will stop these from going out of season.
2. Beanies
These can be worn loosely around the head or all snug and tight. These are probably worn every winter but are really getting into fashion now
3. Double-Breasted Coats
These are very cute. They come in a lot of different fabrics but I think thick ones are best for winter and the thin fabric ones should only be worn in the summer.
4. Marshmallow Jackets
I don't own one of these myself but I wish I did. These are cute especially when they look a little too small. I love these but don't get any fleece or flannel ones.
5. Leather Jackets
I have an obsession with these. You should never buy the REAL leather ones, though. They get stained easily. A substitute for them are pleather jackets which are much more affordable and don't get stained as easily.
This should last you about a week and are so cute, maybe even a month! I hope you like these ideas.
Until tomorrow!
Sorry, but I have been a day late. Forgive me? Ok, let's start. I have a fashion quiz for you today, which is called.....
Anyways, I made this quiz myself. If it seems a little on the unprofessional side, you don't have to take it. If you don't feel like taking a quiz made by mwah, or even if you want to check your result and see if it's correct, or even if you wanna take two different quizzes for fun, try looking for a quiz on Girls Life.com. It's a really great website! I love it, and if you are like me, you'll love it, too.
Okay, let's get to the quiz:

1. Your friend, your boyfriends, and you are going on a double date. You guys are gonna go out to watch a movie, eat dinner, and then watch the asteroid shower later that night. What would you wear?
A. A loose black tank top with a big white star in the middle, dark red skinny jeans, and a pair of Converse
B. A white button-down shirt with tiny brown polka dots, a pair of boot-cut jeans, a long beady necklace, and a pair of small wedges
C. A plaid blue and white shirt with a black tee underneath, a pair of black and white floral leggings and brown boots
D. An over-sized dark blue sweater with an Aztec design, a pair of very dark brown skinny jeans, a plaid cream, yellow, and red scarf, and a pair of dark brown combat boots with gold studs
E. A plaid button-down shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans and Pumas
2. Your friends and you are gonna order pizza and have a sleepover at someone's house. Whoever wears the cutest pajamas wins a prize. What do you wear?
A. A black ACDC tee with a pair of gray sweatpants with blue stripes on them
B. A light blue flowy tee with brown stripes and a pair of matching leggings
C. A pair of flare pajama bottoms with black and red polka dots and a tight fitting Superman tee
D. A large white shirt with black lace and a pair of brown sweatpants
E. An Underarmor orange sweatshirt with a pair of plain gray sweatpants
3. Your family is going to a wedding in Alabama. They decided that all different groups of people will have their own party in their own way. All your girl cousins that are your age are going to surprise your older cousin getting married with her own party. What should you wear?
A. A pair of dark purple shorts with a black crop top and a pair of dark blue Vans
B. A black mini skirt with a collared polka dot shirt and a brown belt with a pair of red mini heels
C. A long black and white chevron tee that goes up to your knees with a pair of red leggings and sparkly black Uggs
D. A tucked in gray sweater with a wolf on it and a pair of mint high-waisted shorts with black Converse
E. A pair of blue jeans with a green dress shirt and some low-top sneakers
- If you picked mostly A's, your style is EDGY
- If you picked mostly B's, your style is PREPPY
- If you picked mostly C's, your style is CHIC
- If you picked mostly D's, your style is HIPSTER
- If you picked mostly E's, your style is TOMBOY
Thanks for doing my quiz!

Ok, so as you can probably see by the title, this post is all about different ways to wear overalls! Overalls are really in right now and, honestly, I kinda want a pair. So, you probably don't always wanna look the same with overalls, and just like a sarong, there are many different ways to wear overalls. There are so many more than I will list, but here are some of the top ways:

1. Edgy overalls
Wearing overalls, especially the short ones, with a hoodie underneath is sure to bring you he edgy look you are guaranteed to get. Wearing acid-washed overalls will work even better. Make sure to wear a dark color hoodie with a light color overalls. And don't forget the denim!

2. Hippie/Bohemian overalls
Take a pair of old-style slightly ratty-looking overalls, long ones preferred, and combine it with a plain solid color tank. With this combination, you can never go wrong. You'll get the hippie or boho look you want and if you get cold, you can always take a long flowy vest or tank and put it on top.

3. Preppy overalls
There is no rule that says you can't look preppy with overalls! Just take a pair of dark, long, denim overalls and a button down shirt and you'll look total school girl. You can even add a long necklace if you want. And to top it all off, just add a pair of black heels.

Okay, so these were the top 3 overall styles I've seen and I really like all of them. You can get overalls really any clothing store, and just wear these 3 different styles and 2 of your own to look cute the whole week! Thanks for reading!

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