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Papyrus (a blog that consists poems and artworks first written in paper...)


I failed with my travel
i wasn't able to finish what should be accomplished
i let my dreams cover reality

i was too blind
too excited to see what's beneath,
what's on top, left, right, wrong...
i wore the wrong pair of footwear

it made me step on the wrong path
i had a wrong choice
i stepped on what is right
i should have worn my slippers

i should've stayed home
i was too hard-headed...
i guess they're right,
A Teacher’s Prayer

Oh good Lord, what a wonderful morning
Again, a day for sharing my blessing
Voice to talk and hands to write
Help me discuss with all my might

Oh good Lord, thank you for the children
These lives which you have molded and woven
Help me make them look up to you
Help me make them love you, too

Oh good Lord, as I walk into the room
Make me see everyone in a hundred percent zoom
In this way Lord, I see them fairly
This I want for I love them dearly

Oh good Lord, help me tackle the lesson
Not only of knowledge but to teach them make motion
Motion for a better world to start
With giving, understanding and love in the heart

Oh good Lord, teach me what to say
So that they’ll always be in the right way
Walking by faith and by sight
Holding your hands Lord, very tight

Oh good Lord, what else did I forget?
I hope your expectations, I have always met
Oh good Lord, thank you for making me a teacher
You really are the greatest maker.

Papyrus (a blog that consists poems and artworks first written in paper...) (Hobbies - Poetry)    -    Author : Jicamerobz - Philippines

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