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The navel of universe
A black swan book:0552153078
First published by blog city publishers at 2016
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CopyrightŠashley musyoka 2014.
The right of Ashley musyoka to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the copyright designs and patents act 1998.
All the characters in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not ,by way of trade or otherwise, be lent ,resold,hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than this in which its published on.


when things seem to be falling apart,all is ugly in the eyes of the beholder,there is this one last,life always offers a second chance.in the setting of the navel of universe everything is a miss,it just needs one more step,one more smile and all is worked out.
Never give up spirit is potrayed,hardwork,love,persevearance are the main themes flowing in the story


i appreciate friends for the support and giving me the push to atleast start.


I dedicate my work to my husband and kids
The prologue

She walked slowly towards her car.her mind heavy and tired.getting into her car,nostalgia swept over her mind .Tasha was a lady living in her twenty second century, with brains and beauty but for long the most important part of her seemed to wander meaningless.her story was becoming gory and truly ,it was what the cynics call the dark tale of love.she stared at the steering wheel with no clue of what to do next, she felt even weak to drive.

Trevern santhias her manager tapped the front door with his pen,she lowed the mirror and he smiled at her.
"Hello princess are you ok?"
"I am ok my dear"
Something was troubling her mind,trev loved her so much and he wanted to show this woman that he would do everything on earth to please her.their relationship was getting complicated a few months after they had announced their wedding officially. A letter had been dropped at trevern's desk and at Tasha's too. She was shocked down to the wits to find the letter from Joel.
"Hello my beloved girlfriend. I wish to announce you as my lawfully wedded wife.leave that fool alone. He will trick you and leave you.I will do everything to have you back for I loved you and without you my life is doomed.
Yours loving husband Joel"

She froze and sank into the office chair. Why on earth would Joel do such a sinister thing.why did he have to leave her and later appear to trouble her
She had decided to marry trev and she was sure she loved him and there was no turning back to this. Even the world was the witness.she bit her lower lip with anger and shouted
"Bastard son of a bitch ,to hell with your fake and fishy attempts"


Trev left after some minutes.tasha picked two suitcases and filled dirty clothes and later drove to the launderette. Dropping the clothes,she further drove downtown to do some shopping.there was some barricades and she had to alight and walk to the shops.
"Hi beauty,she spoke as if the jewellery shop with its attendants were some vast emporium.
"Hi" the lady in the shop smilled back.after buying a diamond necklace,she walked back to the car and drove home,stopping to pick her clothes.

As she walked upstairs,she was very surprised on how she had come to forget about joel.she beat her fists gently against her temples saying over and over again."stupid!stupid! Stupid!"
Stupid to believe that any woman could nature an insult unless that insult had betrayed her deepest affections.stupid to believe that she tasha was better than other women and a heartbreak to her dream.

Sorrow for herself ,even a strange twisted pity for herself brought tears into her eyes and sent them cascading down her cheeks.many stories had been written telling of hearts broken by love but no heartbreak is more than a heart broken by taking away its only dream of hope,its rays of eternal glory.for once she had thought love had offered her a gift.of course she was mistaken.her heart ached for the only person she had loved and treasured in the deepest and glorious depths of her heart.

Maybe or perhaps this is the life God had willed her to live.for life is not all champagne nor roses.God gives life as lemon but when we tryn making lemonade out of it.it tastes all bitter than whiskies and brandy.tasha backed away,her hands held up as if to ward off a blow.there was such anguish in her eyes.she had run blindly,instinctively, her eyes blurred with range and shock .her room seemed to be waiting for her ,its door wide open and ready to draw her within the strong,encircling refuge of its walls.she went into her room and sank down on her broad bed,her heading her hands,her shoulders shaking ,little by little ,her breathing steadied and the panic in her mind eased.

She put her hands to her throat remembering the pressure of the long smiling fingers,the glitter of the blue eyes,the sharp white teeth between the smiling lips.prickles if revulsion shivered her flesh ,and she moaned the sound a desolation in the emptiness.for minutes she lay there ,her thoughts resting on joel.love could turn out to be hatred.more so if it was deep.when she had calmed down she walked to the shower to refresh herself.walking slowly downstairs she dismissed her nanny and sadly walked back into her room.she slept early,shunning the world from her presence and took a deep snap.

She woke up early that Sunday morning. Tasha had been used to following the service online,but today she decided to drive to the chapel .however this morning she felt weak and followed the service uninterested. During the mass the priest preached about love as the greatest commandment .the mass ended with the priest's normal words " go in peace to love each other and to serve God". She wondered what love had to offer after loving joel and getting a heartbreak.

Just as loving somebody showed heavens has got no roofs,she knew so very well that hating men would show hell had no basement. Why really was she to hate all men .she no good reason to hate every male but she was sure she hated Joel.as she drove out of the church compound she was lost in thoughts about Gods love which never changes .she stopped by at the shopping centre and bought some broccoli and some fruits.she then drove home and prepared supper.

By the time trevern drove into the house,she was almost done.they two chatted about family and work .as talight.as they walked to the dinning room,it was now clear that their life was family and work.
"Did you hire a chef to do the cooking?" Trev found himself asking
"No I did it myself" she replied smiling. After clearing the table,they drove to tallus hotel ,tasha preffered the place for it had a sauna.they secured a place at the corner and ordered for some drinks. By the time they left the hotel,it was very late,both feeling tired and dizzy but a strong bond developed between the two.

The alarm went on twice,she slowly got up and walked to the washroom.she was going to meet the Nathaniel's .Mr Nathaniel clerk and prayer clerk had invited her to have a business talk with them at Aston manor.she had a lot of work to do that morning and she had to park the attires to be used at home.she was to fly with the 7.00 O'Clock plane.at about 6.30 an ,she drove to the airport and flew to Spain.
Inside the plane she took a nap but after some hours the air hostess shoke her up.everybody was to fasten their seat belts for the plane was encountering some technical problems.in the middle of Atacama dessert.she saw that a bad omen.

Women were screaming because the plane was loosing control.the men triedcto keep cool.Tasha closed her eyes and said a short prayer.the plane landend safely and the plane crew helped the passengers alight.after sometime, another plane arrived and they got into the new plane.the plane rose against the wind and clouds and the deserted dessert of Atacama was seen many kilometers downwards,its aesthetic beauty being a cold dessert.the plane was filled with the chatter of the previous encounter and after some hours,it safely landed at Spain international airport.
People were busy ,others walking slowly chatting ,some travellers like tasha pulled pushed their bags slowly and hired a taxi to the hotel she was to spend a week.
Her hotel bookings had been done using real time processing where she received her hotel number immediately.she went to the counter ,produced her card and was handed key upstairs to room number 18.
He had her palmtop and her phone .she noticed trev tried calling her and she called back
" hi beauty" trev said from the other side pleased.
"Hi master trev"
"Hey we drop that master,sounds more than official dear tasha"
"How was the flight?"
"We almost had a plane crush ,but our guardian angels must have been watching"
"Oh my goodness!thank heavens you are ok"
" that's it trev,I'll get back to you am making some arrangements."
"Ok thank you"
About 8.00 pm she walked to the shower to refresh after the long tiresome journey.an hotel attendant knocked at her door with a tray for her dinner.she had to retire on bed early for the busy day ahead.

Mr Nathaniel clerk sent his chauffer to pick tasha in the morning .after introduction she settled to explain how her company worked

The company was now celebrating 30 years since it was started.during this time to insure with their company was free of charge.however those days the registration fee was fifty american dollars.
After few details and capturing their photos ,she helped them with the process of logging in .the following day she would return to give the family insurance card.
" bye mistress tasha,we will introduce your company at our place of work today evening" Nathaniel said
"I will appreciate " she answered as she entered the car.the following day in the afternoon she drove at Aston manor and was warmly received by prayer clerk.some friends arrived with Nathaniel just as he had promised. Nathaniel's son worked with mass media and some arrangements were made for advert of JCB insurance company.
Inside her suitcase was insurance cards.she drove late that evening to her hotel.she called trev to inform him about many people insuring with their company. She sat gazing on the walls and a contended smile on her face.atleast she was successful. On Thursday evening as she was walking to the swimming pool ,she met one of hotel attendants.
" good evening madam," he said stopping for a handshake.
"Good evening sir."
" I am Jamie Alison,an hotel attendant and have been seeing you here .you seem not a native ,what's the nature of your arrival?" He enquired solicitously.
" I am tasha .I work for the JCB insurance company and am here to meet my clients."
" its pleasure to meet you mistress tasha.how does your company work. I saw it in advert "
"Thank you .those peoplewho register with our company have an advantage of insuring free of charge."
"Am I welcome to insure?"
" of course .do it online by visiting our website.www.JCB.AME.bus
" thank you ,good evening madam".
" you too".
She had one day to go .she had made a few friends and she wasn't lonely.
We welcome mistress tasha from los Angeles .she works with the JCB insurance company we have advertising since Monday. She is among the high staff.welcome tasha
" as you have heard am tasha.my company is at the vanguary of both scientific and business development and we offer registration free of charge.during this period our company is celebrating 30 years and we came up with strategic plans of drawing more people in by offering free membership.
" and how does it work" charles asked
" just visit our website www.JCB.AME.bis.
We are also planning to drop a branch in Spain for the company is growing."
Thank you our dear viewers ,it was JCB business company .meet tasha and fellow staff.free of charge.
" thank you .be our guests",
That night she logged into the website and was amazed with the great numbers that currently joined.being at Spain she found peace.she was happy and wished her life to be always like that.

She wanted to fly with 6.30 pm flight back to los Angeles.she begun packing her things back .the following day she drove to the Nathaniel's to bid them good bye .she thanked charles clerk a lot for helping her and about 5.30 pm ,she cleared from her room and hired a taxi to the airport.
Brown lept with joy.he ran towards tasha who was alighting from the taxi.Lenny the cat to ran towards tasha.her mother who was checking the animals in the barn went out to check why the dog ran out.seeing tasha she ran towards her daughter and mother hugged tight for some minutes.even brown was leaping to high to reach her.everybody missed her.everything. her mother Regina Gavin helped her daughters with her bags inside.in the sitting room Barbara and Fitzroy were playing dominoes .they all rose to hug their darling sister,their last born.

They sat in the constrained friendly noisy room with everyone cracking a joke and they all gave s loud laughter.just like those days when they were young.it was a happy family and their mom had to accept that.Fitzroy was about thirty two years .it was strange to realize that the tall dark man with the mocking smile had once been a lusty babe demanding her breast ,screaming with temper when she ceased rocking him and placed him in a cradle. His mother smiled and for the first time she admitted to herself that he had been a difficult child to rear.but he had turned out well in the end and there was no mistaking his affection to his two sisters.it was pretty sight to see him with his two sisters Barbara and tasha,adapting his stride to their low pace ,his face inclined ,his head to listen to their chatter,his eyes gentle

Unbidden,another memory came to her ,Roy at fourteen,playing with a little cat that had attached itself from nowhere .he had loved the cat although generally he had small use for animals. He had kept it more then a month ,letting it sleep in his room.then one day ,he had taken it out in the garden and battered it until it was dead.in answer to her horrified questions,he replied " she was a lazy mouser and didn't earn her keep"
" and where is dad if I may ask?"Regina Gavin was brought into the world by tasha asking the question.
" he had a class today in the afternoon.he will come in the evening " her mother replied with a smile on her face.
" tasha don't you eat?" Barbara said concerned
" you are straining much on work dear.don't give it all your time," the mom said excusing herself.
" so how is work, we've heard much about you and your company. We are too proud you are a part of us" Roy said.
Fine brother .
The two girls helped their mom prepare donner and Roy went down to pick his dad at havards university.

" mom this house is always empty" Barbary said
" there are servants my dear." She replied
"Roy will get married and sire children to fill the house with laughter" page interrupted.
Everyone laughed at the statement .
Soon the house was filled with the aroma of scrambled eggs .tasha was preparing some sauce.Barbary some kebabs. The mother was preparing poppy juice for her husband .the family had loved cherry cake in its sugared glory.tasha went to clean up her room and put her things into order.Barbara was left watching comedy and Regina was checking on her tyllip flowers. This was their period to blossom.
As tasha walked downstairs she heard the halting and screeching of brakes and knew the dad was there.Mr bonbauller Gavin was very happy to see his daughter and his family as usual.tasha ran out to give her dad a hug.she was daddy's daughter and he loved her very much .
" hi milady"
" hi dad"
" we missed you all" he said sitting in the couch
" I missed you too daddy"
Mr bon had loved his daughter .he has named her as temple to mean she was the temple of his happiness.tasha had been born through ceaserian process and had been put in an incubator for two months.so tiny was she that the nurses thought she could not make it,but after the two months ,her parents took her home with signs of living. Her father had loved her and had carried her everywhere.he had brought for her the most expensive gifts and had wanted her to join Harvard's university where he could keep eyes at her.
" you have grown slim temple"
" dad its work.we are doing a lot of work these days."
" when I see you next time again with you this slim as if you earn nothing, I'll take you away from that place." He said querulously.
" Barbary ,there are some celery and some drinks in the car,please bring them in " he talked to Barbary and continued his chatter with his daughter.
" temple Hardin hotel is a five star hotel.it has a cellar in the basement and a sauna .it is the best and I want you people to see where we spent our honeymoon .I'll take you there."
" thanks dad but isn't it very expensive?"
" of course temple ,but I want to make you happy,for I love you all"
Roy and Barbara joined in unison" we love you too daddy"
" don't forget about me ,I love you all", Regina said entering the house followed by brown.
The family sat together
Regina called for dinner and they all walked to the dining room.she remembered when she was young how everyone pestered her to eat.she loved Lenny so much that he had to be kept away while eating .
She said some prayers evrtynight ,the lords prayer and thanks and some petitions ending with a short verse which Barbara had taught her .
" lord keep me safe this night
Safe until the dawning light
Jesus ,guard me while I sleep
Loving shephard of thy sheep".
They ate and drank to their satisfaction and everyone said goodnight
She heard her mother say " goodnight sweetheart" and her steps dieng.she felt peace at home.but she loved her work very much and did not regret to be there.she was a darling child and nobodybotheted to wake her up thefellowing morning.she was woken up by Roy's sweet smooth masculine vocals at the music room ,playing his guitar.
Wow roy sings like an angel ,she thought to herself as she got up and walked to the bathroom.she later tip toed to the music room and joined her brother in singing.the thought if her empty stomach quickly disappeared .
" wow ,you are so lovely sweetheart.you sing so nice
Not even the birds can afford such sweet vocals" she complimented as they continued singing.

Brother and sister walked into the dining room .Barbara had driven to town .they took their breakfast .their father was a man if few words ,with his face buried into the newspaper he needed only to say morning to them and let them go on with their business. They went back again and continued singing.
Their nice moments were interrupted by their mother calling for lunch.
" mam we are coming .ten minutes" tasha said.
When barbara returned ,they had an evening walk to the nearest resort had some fun and went back home jogging.on arrival their mother received them and gave them some snacks. Its as if they were young again.
" siz I am dating a lady called Jennie .we both do music and she is from town .her parents are foreigners here ,I sm sure you will like her" he said to babata and tasha
" wow" the two sisters replied in unison,but tasha continued" why can't you bring her home.don't you seevthe house is getting empty?"
" I will do that soon.don't worry we are planning about it". He replied.

As they drove ,the halting and screeching of brakes at the packing at Hardin's hotel tasha carefully noted and studied the change of things according to the paints of her parents at home.she remembered it was Halloween festival and there was a lot of kids around.
The past ten years the place looked Oddish but recently it was super cool. A wing had been extended on the east and it was a real five star hotel.
Barbara and tasha changed into swimming costumes,roy went to the singing competition, their parents sat down and talked.
"Gidday cous" she turned around and noticed a young man waving.it was Elbert Barbara's classmate.

Barbara had gone Scotland a few weeks and had gone back to do pediatric neurosurgery at Johnhopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. They had met with Elbert at Baltimore both as intern's. They hugged and a few introduction to tashs,then Elbert excused himself.
Elbert had brought his sister at the dancing competition and would soon be back. He had gone our for a walk.
They dived ,pushed one another in the pool unexpectedly ,threw water at each other .it was fun .they walked back and went for roy then later settled to eat.
The family ate chatting .everyone was happy and the day was well spent.that evening tasha remembered trev,her nanny,her friend Sasha,her work and staff.she wanted to go back.
Friday evening she told her mother that she was leaving for Job the following day.
" can't you go back Sunday?"
" no mam I want to back tomorrow."
They threw a very big party for their darling child that Saturday morning ,with roy humming a tune,mr bob organized for shopping and they escorted,she drove along down's bridge.
She called sasha ,Abros and trev ,welcomed them for dinner.it had been days without even checking on her machine and she settled at her machine replieng some massages from her clients.the next week she would visit the white house to lecture President's staff.she was very busy into her database when the door bell went on.
"Tasha darling,I missed you, how is everything?"she said giving tasha a big hug.
"I missed you too .am fine ,you've grown big huh!"
"Oh dear,not really big,I am heavy with a child"
"Wow,how many months or weeks"
"Two months"
"That's very good,where is Abros ?"
"I don't know about him,I hope you didn't invite him here "she said with a horrified look.
"My dear ,something is wrong I guess"
"It has been a month now without hearing from him.he neither picks my calls nor replies to my massages.when I told him ivam pregnant he went silent ." she was explaining with tears
"Relax sasha,all is well.lemme get you something to drink."
How can what happened to me happen to my friend.why is life so unfair to those who always do good,she thought to herself opening the fridge. Regime later informed tasha that Abros was there and sasha excused herself upstairs .she didn't want to see him.

"Thank you tasha"he said cooly and added a question that struck Tasha's attention,"where is my wife"
"Oh ,your wife !I was expecting you two ,and now you ask me about her,I cannot understand"
"No I passed by to pick her and the nanny said she is here"
"You mean you don't know about her whereabouts. Is something wrong?"
"Yeah tasha ,she informed me that she was with a child a month ago.I was not prepared to become a father and thought of running away from the responsibility.
The thought of leaving her and pretending I am not the father of her child makes me sick and I have thought about it.I love her and I want her back.I know she is upset and I cannot find the right way or words to apologise. I love her and I want to live with her as the mother to my children,my wife" he said lost in thoughts but trieng to keep cool
"I am sorry to you guys .what happened should teach you how much you mean to each other if at all sasha will accept coming to you."
"Please help me find her"
"She is right here,but she doesn't want to see you.u don't know what to do"

After some minutes,Sasha walked slowly downstairs. Abros wanted to hug her and give her a kiss on the forehead but he kept off afraid she would run away.tasha excused herself and left the two. After reconciling ,the forgave each other.at that time Trev had arrived and the four eat chatting as if nothing had happened.
*** *** ***
The person who loves you more will fight with you daily without any reason,but whenever you are sad at the person, that person will fight with the world to bring back your happiness.
*** *** ***
Real men stat faithful.they don't have time to look for another woman because they are too busy looking for new ways to love their own.

"Mistress sasha and master Abros, we have done our checking and your wife is carrying a girl" the doctor said closing his files.after a short conversation with the doctor,the couple walked out of the hospital walking in air and entered their car."she will be called angel ela.",Abros said reaching for her hand and they drove home making fun of each other and the looks of the unborn child.
"Hello mam,I have good news" she said to her mother late that night.
"Is it promotion?"
"No mother, you will have a granddaughter some months to come"
"Am so happy daughter "
" me too mam,say hi to everyone and give them my kisses."
"Thank you my daughter"
Sasha hang up and walked to the bedroom, Abros was clearly finishing up with the invitation letters for their wedding ceremony.
She called tasha to explain the going
"Hello tasha"
"Hello sasha,how is the going,?"
"Cool girlfriend, a wedding next month and a child expected"
"I am so happy for you girlfriend"
"Me too tasha,you are my strength"
"Am humbled"
"Thanks .night"
Tasha hang up and went to dismiss Reggie.
Trev called
"Hello tasha"
"Hello Trev"
"When are you going to meet the President's staff!"
"Next week,is there any issue?"
"Not at all,expect me tomorrow for breakfast"
She walked into her room wondering why Trev wanted to see him.maybe it is about work,she thought to herself.

She was woken up that morning by screeching of brakes and knew he was there.
"Good morning mistress"
"Morning master"she said witha smile
That smile was really bewitching to this man next to her.he thought the thousand things he would do to her,for her and with her .he thought himself stupid for having fallen in live with her and being in a position not to express his feelings. But this was his day.he never gave up.he sweared to himself.

"Tasha am great full at least you have my time.it hurts me the most to see you making much commitments at work .even am ashamed of myself having done a little." He said with a fake smile
"No problem I am ok."
"Tasha you know there is ....you know... This flame so taming ,so tempting.... You know.its inside my heart.it is burning this flame ,so strong that it melts the wax inside me.its just wild how it came about ...you know.and am here to tell you that I have fallen in love with you ..I have tried as much for you to see my interests on you but you seem busy with work looking else where.please be my love tasha"
"Oh my goodness trev,they say time us supposed to heal but still I think I need some time to go over what happened."rears misted her eyesight.
"Trev I am afraid of loving again.the pain is great and the wound is still fresh"she could no longer hold the tears ,her heart raced out faster and she let out a bitter moan.
He arose and went over to her and rubbed her shoulders.she didn't stir nor resist, she instead leaned on his chest still heaving.
"Tasha please do no mistake me.I am sorry if I hurt you.but I love you and I am ready to take all risks to be with you.please give me a chance to love you and I cross my heart to make you happy please........"
He was a man.he never gave up.he wanted this woman.silence fell over the room.
Tasha thought about him.as him man.under his arms.kissing his lips .it felt nice....

"I love you too" she said not sure of how he could take the massage.
"Oh thanks heavens,thank you God.I love this lady a lot.
I can't believe she is mine mine.thank you sweetheart.".he pulled her closer to him and hugged her.one dream come true.
What an awesome day.
Three days to her visit to the white house,she got a call from the presidents secretary who was confirming from her.
"Hello mistress tasha,how are things ,still coming or something has changed,"
"Oooh thank you ,everything is inorder,il come to meet you guys."
"Thank you ,waiting".
On friday evening ,trev drove at tasha's compound and drove towards his place.it was a mansion with three servants.thet were warmly received by the servants.
"Hey guys,she is tasha,the mistress of the house.i mean my wife,"he said to his servants smiling
"Welcome mistress"
"We know her ,that great lady from your company.you are a lucky man to have her"
"I am humbled guys"
After a few introduction to the servants,they got back to business and the two walked in,silence all over.
"Darling are you ok?"he askes her after the silence
"I am pretty ok,i am abit worried that everybody knows me"
"Oooh ,i am proud of you my dear"he said and reached for her hand.he took her around the house and later settled for dinner.late that night ,he drove her back home.they stood outside the door and kissed,she pulled away and opened her door.
"Are you afraid of getting in?"
"Not really"
They were inside the house admiring each other again,he took hold of her hand and led her upstairs .his vest revealed his masculine w-shaped chest.it would provide cormfort to any woman.

He took her into his arms ,he pulled her close to him,he felt like protecting this woman for the rest of his life.he wanted to love her that day,the day that followed and the day after her life.he wanted to love this woman as if he was loosing her tomorrow.he was mad in love.
"I love you tasha,you are my everything,my sunshine,my flower,i love you so much"
"I love you too"
Their lips met,their tongues took into each other in an hungry manner.he touched her .he wanted to touch her everypart and start to touch her again.
He capped her breasts and reached for the tip of her dress.he stripped her off,the most beautiful woman he had seen in his lifetime was here.her slim figer clearly reaveled.he kissed her into her face ,down her neck ,down her nipple,down her navel,their bodies warm ,storms of passion.

He slowlt moulded past her breast and kissed her till both of them could hold no more.just as she had wanted it,his touch made her nerves jilt into life sending a million electric charges into her body .she lied on his arms.why was she really denying it,she wanted that sensible,sweet hardcore part of him.she wanted to feel his touch deep within her,their lips met again ,a feeling of strong intimacy arised into each others body,he took off his pants and kissed her again ,both naked,the sheets messed up,but looking welcoming,he slowly entered into her,and slowly begun pumping,he had missed this,and was happy doing it with his woman.

Her heart,soul and mind wispered thank you,awesome,she thought
It was very late on the night and he had to drive home,he loved her so much .more than he could imgn
But while driving home he thought maybe he messed up with her,i will take her and the kid as my own if that happens.he said to himself and smiled.he had fallen in love with her,and would take every risk,do anything to make her happy.she was a simple lady.very goodhearted .she was generous and kind.she was very humble and intelligent.he liked her for her hardwork*** *** ***
Dawn broke tranquil and blue over the fields.tasha hurrying down where Reggie was admitting trev,seeing her,he cried out in distracted fashion
"Oh you mean you guys are here?"
Trev put his hand on her arm ,his face assuming an expression of professional calm,
"We have to see you off to the airport"
"Thank you ,we get going then"she said white lipped
This was to be an easy journey .she bid trev and Reggie goodbye to took 6.00 flight to los Angeles.however she had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen.she had no idea of whatever that was .she dismissed the feeling and tried to forget about it.the plane landed and she was picked by Jeff,the chauffer. She felt sick and weak but she had to make efforts for this was the President's staff
"Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am mistress tasha from JCB insurance company.its a fine morning and am humbled to meet with you guys.welcome and ask any question"

Silence fell all over the hall.16 people before her concentrating with her every move and expression.
"JCB insurance is a group founded by enterprenuers with the aim of savings and self help.the company is known outside our country and of late we are having a rich hinterland.
Its an insurance group whereby everybody can join starting with our president who has already insured.we are looking forward to boost our income"

That was the introduction. She talked to them and addressed issues,helped them with registration, they had a big dinner .she later checked her pad and got some SMS.two from Abros informing her sasha had begun her labour pains and it was necessary for her to follow them at the hospital.
The other was from trev,missments and wishing her luck.it was too late but sasha was more a sister to her.

What am I to do now,she thought to herself as she walked to her hosts office.the fainted footsteps changed to half jogging, but before she knocked, she hurt her leg .she sat holding her leg.
She gaped at the door pain revealed all over her face.some one heard her and came running to help.he helped her inside as the doctor rushed in.
*what's wrong Tasha?"
"Your honour,she has fainted,please help,her leg is bleeding"servants came rushing in,the doctor opened his kit and cleaned the leg,after the first Aid,she was let to rest .

After hearing her story ,the presind,sir Gregor allowed her to go.sasha was all she had,
"The more you settle down your issues the more you get happy, we are not tied to the past,forgive and move most"
The words of sasha echoed in her mind
"Tasha my sister this life is too short to hold grudges.smile everyday.it kills your haters.never hold on to the past it will kill you ,I always say forgive and forget"
She remembered the conversation after she had been heartbroken by Joel.she remembered the walks,the fun moments. ,the text SMS Abros had sent sounded as if something was wrong
She closed her eyes and said a prayer

"My father and my God.the creator of universe
The alpha and omega
The first and the last
Here is thy servant ,remember her,be with her
Remember her good heart ,she has never hurt a fly,remember her offerings
Remember her good dids.
I thank you because I know everything happens with a reason
I can feel something is wrong ,
Please God don't let something bad happen to her.

This God who sasha has always trusted and believed foolishly like a kid.she knew he existed.she knew he would listen to her prayers.she had come to know God through sasha,this early morning she found herself begging for Sasha's wellbeing ,the God whom once she knew nothing about.

"God listens to a prayer of sincere heart you don't need to shout ,he sees in private and replies in public
God will still remain to be God my sister no matter what happens. He tells us to ask anything from him and it shall be given unto us"she remembered her words once again .
Sasha was all she had wanted.her faith and trust in God had changed tasha and made her a woman or iron.
*** *** ***
"Abros my pains have begun",sasha said white-lipped
"Your pains?"he stared at her vaguely."they are not due yet"
"Your ladymother said they are some times early.you had best call the apothecary or take me to the hospital"
"Il be back soon."

He quickly dialled his moms number and listened from the other side
"Mom,mommy,mother! Please hurry up !she is in labour."
It took ten minutes for the mother .she quickly rushed upstairs and forced herself inside.she was so shocked ,sasha was there on the floor writhing with labour pain.the mother in law stood aghast confused what to do,she held her abdomen and assured her daughter in law that all was well.the family doctor arrived but seeing the condition,he advised them to take her to hospital,it was very clear the woman was in a very critical condition.the shock and the frustration on Abro's face and the mother's made the doctor take everything to himself and hacken them to hurry.

She was quickly taken to the car and thats when Abros remembered tasha ,tasha promised to be there.on arrival,the nurses quickly received her and rushed her into theatre room.doctors quickly rushed in with stethescopes and took their positions.the baby was lieng across the womb and it was now clear she had to go through a ceaserean process.Dr harrison took papers for abros to sighn but he cautioned that the wife's life was in danger and they would try atleast to save one life,either the mother or the baby.

That explanation nailed abros.he shook as he sighned the papers and stared the doctor walking away,as if he was a ghost.the faced on the walls and remembered the God who his sasha had always talked about.he listened to prayers of a sincere heart.you needed not to shout .
He leaned onto the wall with tears ."God ,i have never been into prayers.please i even don't know the right way to approach you but my wife always said you are there for us.remember her i am begging for her life for i love her very much.don't allow anything bad to happen to her please,a bitter moan came out,a hopeless mourn. The mother was hurt and touched too ,all she could do is offer a shoulder for her to lean on.

Tasha banged her door and rushed in.seeing Abros with tears,her fears were revealed."tasha it cannot happen to her "
"All is well Abros.stay still.God has a reason for all this,mam please let's keep cool.all is well"

The doctor came out once again.the process was successful but they had managed to save the life of the baby only.so he ushured them into the theatre.a beautiful little creature on nurses hands and a lifeless sasha on the bed.he stared at the nurse and lifted the little creature off her hands and cried.he was a man yes,but his wife was now gone .how could he survive with the innocent child left behind
Tasha and the mother seemed lost .the mother took the baby and stared at Abros who was mourning for his wife.

"Sasha my love .I loved you so much and wished to spend my entire life with you .you were so beautiful for not the stars in the Sky's twinkled brighter than your eyes.you gave me a reason to live and a reason to love .my little lovely petal,I wished I would do something to save your life.I swear to love the little angel you've left behind as I loved you.he reached for a diamond necklace and got it from her neck
This I'll give to our daughter when she grows up.I love you,I loved you and I'll always love you.he kissed her and cried his heart.

After a period of silent morning, tasha reached for Sasha's hand .she begun a prayer which later turned into a bitter moan"life is a walk .we are all moving.even hell knew the much you meant to me.you were a sister and a friend to me.I know I am childless but am not heartless. Your daughter will get the best from me.may the lord keep your soul in eternal glory.we loved you .rest in peace my sister.

*** *** ***
For once life seemed meaningless to Abros. Angel Ella was her name.on the funeral day he sat before the coffin,black suits and eyes red swollen.
"From dust we came from and to dust shall we return again.God is the giver and he claims too.however we have to take heart.this is a premature life.life yet to be lived.we the Christian family have lost a strong believer and a role model to many.Abros take heart and take care of the child. May the lord comfort you during this times of bitterness and stay strong.peace be with you"the priest finished his sermon

Tasha walked to the grave and slowly placed her flowers.beautiful just as Sasha's life had been beautiful. People started to walk away one by one and the bereavers were left ,for the pain was not that much to kill them ,but not that little to live with.life was to go and as usual and they needed only to give it time.for time is a master healer.

Life is a walk in the park. Its too short to live on grudges.there was sasha a few months after her wedding. Gone and never to come back again .she was young.everyone thought it a waste and such a big loss.it was God's will.
A beautiful butterfly landed on the flowers.birds were singing and a dove was calmly watching from a branch .tasha noticed everything was as usual.as she walked away,the image of the red soil kept appearing and the words of the priest kept lingering in her mind.

She left the place too miserable to even feel revengeful towards the gluttonously death which was never satisfied and kept coming for more loved ones.she crept in at her bedroom window,the night was yet to be spent ,she undressed with excessive caution as if somebody was mastering her every step and move.

Tasha pulled a drawer and took out her Bible, she flipped pages not knowing where to read.she closed her Bible then betook herself to her seat, rested her elbows on her desk and her jaws on her hands.she stared at the wall with a stony glare of suffering that has reached the limit and can no further go.then this picture kept reappearing again and again.
All the town was drifting towards the graveyard .the procession and the words of the priest. This phase filled the lady's heart with consternation.

She remembered angel Ella .she was instantly not at rest.
She had heard of dead people who visit their dear ones and told them what they wanted them to do. She found herself wishing if at all the ghost of sasha would visit her and tell her what to do with the kid.
"Dear son,you cannot continue mourning like this.she is gone. Please dear son .take heart"abros mother said rubbing the son's shoulders.
How ever she knew very well the pain of bieng left by a loved one.she herself had gone throught the same ten years back after her husband died of blood cancer.she knew very well the only solution was to cry and heave the pain.she was a simple hearted woman and honest .she gathered her quack medicines and her quack periodicals ,went about the sporting car ,metaphorically speaking and drove to the hospital.

"Hello doctor"she greeted the doctor in a low tone.
"Hello mom",he invited her to seat and looked for ela's file .he later scribbled some things and handed it to the woman and wished her a good day.

When Abros awoke in the morning,he wondered how the dawn had came to so fast.he sat up and rubbed his eyes looking around; then he comprehended .it was a cool grey dawn,there was a delicious sense of repose and peace in the deep pervading calm and silence of the woods.not a leaf stirred outside; not a sound obtrunded upon great natures meditation. Beaded dew drops stood upon the leaves and grasses.far away in the woods,a bird called ,another answered; presently the hammering of a woodpecker was heard.

Gradually the cool dim grey of the morning whitened and as gradually sounds multiplied and life manifested itself.angel Ella was sound asleep I'm her cradle. He woke up and walked towards the cradle and carefully lifted her up.beautiful as her mother.he missed the mother of his daughter so much.whenever he saw the baby he remembered her.
"Baby Ella ,feel safe with daddy and grandmother. You have another mom called Tasha. We will all take care of you my beautiful jewel." The baby stirred and he reached for her tiny hands."daddy loves you so much "
He kissed her forehead and studied the baby .he felt as if he was rooted to the place, she stirred again and opened her little eyes.she had been used to waking up to find the dad right there.he smiled at her .

The doorbell went on and he went to open.his mother entered the house and gave the grand daughter a forehead kiss.she then walked to the kitchen and later handed Abros a bottle of milk.he had been used to feeding her and he was used to.tasha later dropped in the house.with the baby silently asleep on her arms,she talked to Abros about so much things.she felt as if she owned the baby.they found plenty of things to be delighted with,but nothing to be astonished at.

His mother had to keep still after he went to bed,for he kept making brokenhearted ejaculations from time to time tossing unrest fully and turning over.but at last he could be still ,only mourning a little in his sleep.but Abros later noticed God loved him and at least spared a daughter for him.in other cases both the mother and the child perish

His face lightened with a happy solution of his thought;he bent over and kissed the faded lips of his daughter and said loudly
"I'll cry no more tears for I have a beautiful soul to watch over.Rest in peace my sasha"
*** *** ***

There comes a time in life when somebody has to burn the pages of his or her past and live with the present .for you cannot move on with the past still tied in your mind.its the most important step to reaching one's destination.
A few months later.
Trevern santhias the manager of JCB insurance company finished reading some messages from his clients and shut down His machine.he tapped his ballpen on the desk and stared on the ceiling.he felt weak and unwell.he slowly got up and drove home.tasha had been tele commuting from home.his days were full of splendour and exultation. The nights were seasons of horror.she was always in his mind and heart and soul.unable to unlock the door to his car,he signaled a servant passing by and told him in a low tone
"Tell tasha am sick"
"Right away sir"

She was busy with her face bend onto her machine when the phone went on
"Hello mistress Tasha, its job servant to trevern ,I kindly wanna inform you that trevern is unwell and he has requested you to come into his house."
"Wait...wait ..oooh God.what happened to him"?
"He got breathing complications.I think he got an asthma attack"
"Please I'll be there"

She ran downstairs, she ddnt shut her machine, neither did she close her door.trevern meant everything to her.she pushed the door and forced entry
There was trev,her hubby,her husband,lieng on the bed but seemed lifeless.her heart pounded,her nerves and her senses sprawling to life.

"Darling can you hear me?"he didn't stir.
"God what's wrong did I do .have I not always be good and loyal.why bad things keep happening to my dear ones.I know no one is worth questioning you,I love him,please spare him"
The family doctor opened the door ,his heartbeat was very slow.he injected him some medicine and advised Tasha to watch over him.

He stired and opened his eyes slowly to find tasha right there,holding the colar of his shirt.
"Darling are you OK now?"she was very excited to see him back to normal again
"Yes love,I thank God you are here"he said and added with a dark face
"This is what I have been going through. You seem occupied and busy.I am so lonely"
Guilty swept over her face
"I love you and I cannot afford to ignore you or shun you."
He pulled her close to him and kissed her,they realized how much they had missed each other.

**** ** *

One bright morning trev drove at her place.he gave her a forehead kiss as he slowly studied the calm face and steady brown eyes. On the right a carved archway led into a long high ceilinged room with immense windows at the further end.
On the long well furnished office table,she invited him for a cup of coffee.
"Its a fine morning "she said merrily"the sun is shining and the backyard is full of tullip flowers.how is everything"
"All is well my love"
He pulled her and made her stand,he then looked into her eyes and said
"Tasha I feel like I have known you since eternity,you have become a part of me,I want to spend the rest of my life with you,I want to make you the mother of my children
Will you marry me tasha?" He said with one knee down .

She blashed and avoided the look
"I will surely marry you Darling "
He was very happy ,he took a ring from his suit pockets and put it onto her finger,kissed her and lifted her high up.
The whole world must know he was the happiest man in the world
Nobody in her life had ever treated her with love and affection like master trev..
Once again she counted the blessing
"Its a bit draft over here my dear.let's go in the sitting room" Tasha said to trevern while pulling his hand and welcoming him inside.
They sat on the couch same to each holding hands and admiring each other.there was no doubt that the two were in love.Trev was her last achievement,her last dream that she dreamed of.A strong feeling of intimacy and passion radiated from deep with.for once he came to agree that love is whereby no words can be used to describe the feeling but only a stare deep into each others eyes can explain more.

She couldn't help wanting him,so why was she fighting it?she wanted the solid ,sensible core of him,and the sweet edges.He touched her,his hands possessive as they molded her breasts,as he roamed down to cup her hips.she tasted him,her lips hungry on his throat,his shoulder,his chest.......a shiver originated from down within her.She melted under him,and even as he went,fluid seemed to come alive with heat,with movement.it was all insane.

She nipped his lip,his tongue,she arched up to him,destroying him,surrounding him.Her lips skimmed over his bare chest ,teeth scoring a little line that was a wisper away from pain.The low tickle in her belly spread wide,and the needy part of her whispered"thank God" inside her head.something about him made her feel dizzy.Her blood fired ,blasting a bubbling charge of lust straight to her belly.He wanted to touch her everywhere,then start right at the beginning and touch her again.

Her skin sprang to life with a thousand nerves as her lips wandered down to his throat.His mouth was on hers,again ,hot and greedy.Those nerve endings exploded ,electric jolts as his hands ,his lips ran over her as if he was starved now for each separate taste.just as she had imagined ,just as she had wanted just as she had wished. Her mouth took his in a kind of ravenous madness, she ached,heart ,mind ,loins to the point of pain.passion radiated from her meeting and matching his own.the thrill and his response brought her tremble. A kind of histeria.
She rose with him,body to body,moved with him,flesh to flesh,as the senses awakened, slashing against the other in an edgy tangle of needs.she gave herself to him ,to them

*** *** ****

Treat her like a queen and she will never depart from you
Treat her like its joke and she will quit you like its fan.
Tasha walked slowly into her car.she felt tired and worn out after a busy day in the office.she was a very beautiful and charming lady at the threshold of early twenties. She had brains and high standards but one of her core part seemed to wander meaningless.nostalgia swept over her mind and as she stared the wheel,tevern tapped her door with his pen.she lowered the mirror and said hi to him
"Hi princess"
"Hi,how is you today"
"Doing great except a few things,I'll drop in you house late in the evening"
"You are welcome my dear"
"Thanks a lot babe"he gave her a forehead kiss and walked back in the office

Their relationship was becoming a little complicated a few months after they had decided to announce their wedding officially. A letter had been dropped at trevern's desk and Tasha's too.she was shocked to the wits to find the letter to be from Joel.she had backed at her secretary with fury about the origin of the letter.Her secretary was very shocked for she had never seen tasha like this. With a very humble and foolish reply the secretary said "from the mail box" she was very annoyed and threw her out ,walked round her table like a headless hen!
Shameless!bullshit!son of a bitch.

"How is you my lawfully wedded wife.don't let that goat get in any relationship with you because I am coming back to you.I will do anything to have you back in my life."
Yours lovely ,Joel

Why on earth did this fool Joel have to do such a sinister thing. She was assured that she loved trev and there was no mistaking to this.she would any thing to have trev.she bit her lower lip and shouted
"To hell with your fishy intentions son of a bitch"

She banged the door of her office and walked to her Secretary. She stared at her and walked faster holding the letter into her car.Trev was observing her all this time from the CCTV cameras in his office.he used the intercom and asked the watchman at the gate to tell her the manager wants to see her before she leaves.

With a very sharp u-turn ,she hooted to the gateman but the guy instead of opening the gate came slowly and said the manager wanted to see her.she stared at the watchman with no clue of what to do next.what did he want to tell her.she walked back into her office and back into her car and sat there thinking.

"Hello,where are you going?"
"What's wrong?are you sick or something? Why are you shouting at everybody in the company?"
"Eeerrr....its nothing .I am OK"
"Is it because of the letter my dear?"
"Who told you?"
"I still got my copy" he smiled at her,opened one of the drawers and handed a latter to her"

She picked the letter dumbfounded. She didn't know whether to open it or ask the details inside the envelope.

"I love you Tasha and no one will come in between our relationship. I better die struggling to make you happy.its me and you against the world. Don't worry about him,I know what to do!"
"Thanks a lot.what are you going to do about him"
"I will contact the priest later in the evening and explain about him
Let's pray that no one with malicious attempts will cripple our relationship, no devil will terminate our wedding"
" thanks a lot.God is in control of everything. Don't worr my dear
The devil is a liar,the priest thought to himself after hearing and reading the letter.he tapped his pen on the table staring the ceiling thinking what do and how to help this couple.finally he decided to contact the police at downsbridge police station. The wedding had to go on as planned and not even the devil himself could bring seggragation between this couple that the lord had decided to put together.Tasha had lately become a staunt Christian, dropping every evening at the tarbanacle and praying.

"Do not worry my children.the lord will take care of everything."
"Thanks a lot father,God bless you"
"Peace be with you my children"

Tasha and trev walked out of the priest's office and entered into their vehicle. Inside the vehicle,trev faced tasha slowly and said "the guy is not wise"
He coughed the engine even without giving Tasha time to reply and tuned on music.silence fell between them ,it appeared as if both of them were listening to the soft music"side to side by Ariana grande".
They had put their wedding into cards and had invited friends from all over.there was no doubt that the event would be colourful.
*** *** ***
On the material day,everyone had prepared for the ceremony.Abros was more than happy to see tasha move in. That morning as he was dressing up his beloved daughter ,he wished hours would passby so fast and that hour would arrive.Tasha's wedding reminded him about his wedding ,he remembered his wife Sasha,he remembered his one and only wife..."oooh Sasha....sweet Sasha." It was nostalgic experience that brought about poignant memories fresh into his mind.he stared at the ring on his finger,he stared at the portraits and the paintings on the wall,on that very day that he and his lovely wife Sasha had moved him.tears misted his eyesight as he settled to finish up preparing his daughter for the big day

He went into his closet and drawers and picked the black suit that he had put on during his wedding. This was a day that would still linger fresh into his memories forever. He later picked his daughter and settled her in the babysit inside his car and coughed his engine towards the venue.what an awesome day

Trevern santhias woke up .with a smile plaster on his face.he had picked Abros as his right man and he was sure the event would be awesome.he couldn't imagine him and Tasha in the same house ,sharing everything including the bed.He felt blessed and young.He felt like shouting to the whole world that he was the luckiest man in the world.

At exactly 12.00 the event began.Trevern was escorted to the dais.Tasha was the most lovable woman he had ever seen.as she walked slowly with a long white gown escorted by a bevy of beauties,the whole crowd clapped and celebrated her.The priest arrived and took his position. On the other side of the crowd,a coup was there seated and relaxed.outside another coup was keeping watch with the gateman. It was as if the princess was getting married
"It is a fine morning and a bright day full of God's blessings.we have come to witness the two and join them together with very strong bonds.marriage is a foundation that was laid first by God at the garden of Eden.
Genesis 2.24 (therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife,and they become one flesh.)
Its a great day that I am joining Tasha and trevern santhias together
and before I declare them officially wedded, is there any one who is against the relationship?"

Silence fell over the church and the priest looked from side to side,there was no one who even moved.there was so much tense within the people and the priest continued.
"I therefore declare this two as a couple officially.what the lord has joined together no man got the audacity to part the two and what has been bound here on earth is also bound in heaven.trevern say this words after me

"I trevern santhias take tasha as my lawfully wedded wife,to love and to cherish you,in times of sorrow and distress,in love and in old age,till death do us part"he faced trevern who with a broad smile said the words to Tasha.
Tasha my daughter repeat this words after me
"I Tasha take you Trevern santhias as my lawful husband,to love and cherish you,in good times and in bad times ,till death do us part"

I declare them a couple in the name of the father,the son and of the holy spirit.trevern you can now kiss your bride thank you"

The priest finished his part and handed back the program to the master of ceremony. What an awesome day

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