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libya info

libya is a very large country (nearly six hundred and eighty thousand sqare miles)
and the majrity of it is desert with sahara to the south.most of arable land is along the coast in the interior are a few oasis towns

there are there mountainous regions:the low jabel nefuse range in the north west
the jabel akdar (the green mountains) in the north east behind benghzi and the
tibesti mountains, the hihest of the there on the southern border with chad
libya's desert has little flore except in its oases. date plams,olives;figs,oranges
and wild pistachio nut trees grow where the oases provide water.

there are enough resources for the usual desert creatures such as snakes,scorpions
and rodants.larger animals: porcupines,gazelles,hyenas and camels are also
present.the bird-life includes eagles,hawks,and some migratory birds.

as with other countries in north africa shows evidence in rock carving and geological records of a time when its environment supported a wide range of flora and fauna and was not a desert.the outward spread of the desert caused by climate change may perhaps be halted by the great manmade river project with aims to
make use of the huge underground water supplies in the high lands to the south

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