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my friends

hello I have a blog about my friends its nice to read :)

My best friends are Pam, Madelon and Laura.
We met eachother at school.We all go to high school.
We are all from the same age so we like the same things.
we all like the band one direction Pam is the best fan of all, she knows all the names.
we like the song more than this. Sea movie.
oke this was my first blog I hope you like it


Hello i'm back

Now we are at english class because we have to make this for school.
It's nice to do because I can talk about my friends.
next lesson we have arts we have a doubble our and than we have a break.
after the break we have nature and technology and duits.

that was it later!!!
Now i'm home it's weekend yeah :)
I said goodbye to Pam,Laura and Madelon and cycled home.
Tonight I go with Madelon to the fair it's very nice!


Today i'm gonna tell you something about Londen because in the Autumn we go to londen.
we go with the bus to france and from there with the boat to england and than with the bus to londen. I like it really much because I come with pam in a host family jippie!!! We have to do assigmets overthere but we can also do something for ourself.


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