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Everyday when I come home, my parents ask me, ''Hey Nicole, how was you're day?'' I always answer the same thing, '' Oh, not really special.'' But today it was.. This morning I woke up early, although early.. My mom woked up to late, so I had 20 minutes to do everything, but at the end we were on time at school. Everyday I cycle to school with my amazing friends Sylke & Julia. This was not a very special morning, just the same as everyone, to tired, to cold , to boring... I walked through the school, and then I saw him! He was the one!!! He had brown hair and brown eyes.... But enough about that, let's talk verder about me ! I'm 12 years old and have a sister, Carolien. She is the best sister in the whole world, and ofcourse my parents, they're also fantastic! I'm in High School, at the second year with all my friends! It's a fantastic class. Actually, my whole life is pretty nice, not fantastic, there are a lot more things what can change but although I am pretty lucky. While i'm writing this, I have an english lesson, on the computer, I'm sitting next to my great friend Puck! This year i'm going to London, with all the tto classes. I'm also a tto class, so I have 70% of all my subjects in English. I still have 5 minutes, so I have to go, but if you stay reading I'll promise that I'll stay writing ! See you guys soon. big love

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