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Please join Nintendo Academy! The price is free and it has many things to do. We rally need followers if you're intrested go to NintendoAcademy.ning.com.

Thank you
Nintendo Academy Pageant : Prepare to get elected for the Ms. Nintendo Pageant girls. You will have to have all these 3 things to nominate.

- You must have completed 2 classes ( game classes).
- Must Be in this age group ( 7 - 20)

- Must be a member of Nintendo Academy.

If you win Ms. Nintendo Academy you will have your own office and win 500 ds credits. The catogories is best town tour , best fashion , best personality. my email is JasmineBates5@aol.com and our website NintendoAcademy.ning.com
No Summer classes & New Gaming Semesters

During June and July there are no classes to sign up for. But on August you can sign up for classes but not Ms. Peter's office (our conselour) and the library. If you are new to Nintendo you sign up for 2 classes and earn 5DS credits for each session you complete.
Our new gaming semesters start in October and end un late december. Anyway I'm adding new classes so check them out.

Thank you
Join Nintendo Academy!

Join Nintendo Academy! It's a game school that you can meet new people and earn DS credits ( That helps you earn good grades and helps you pay for tournaments). Also there are 5 cliuqes in the school ( Jocks , goths , nerds , popular boys , popular girls.) When you join we assign you a cliuqe and you stay with the cliuqe for the rest of the year. Also we have events coming up like Brainy Brunch and Ms. Nintendo. We have a kitchen for both wii , ds , and dsi. Also we have classes you can take to earn classes some classes end for the week and start next month. If you have homework on't get upset because our homework is games. So tell your friends and family about nintendo academy.

Our address : NintendoAcademy.ning.com
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Peach's Beauty Class:

Hi, I'm Peach my beauty class is all about learning self - confidence , and learning about how to admire yourself and follow your dreams. You will have you use imagine or go to ubisoft.com . Our first lesson is a movie star, thats on agame ( if you join). How will you dress? , Treat you fans? , and how will you present yourself. Thanks

Luigi's Class : Mamma Mia , My class is about math. We will be going to the mall on mathplayground.com for our first lesson. But my main tools you'll need to have is Big Brain Academy or my personal math trainer. Join my class!
Tournaments: Our tournament teacher is Sonic , he will accept 20 Ds credits for 30 minutes of training and 30 ds credits for 45 minutes of training. If you don't reply on the days he tells you the questions your training session is up.

The Kitchen : The Kitchen is ran by Cooking Mamma , you must pick a partner and pick a recipe. Then you craft it on the game or in real life.

Quizzes : If you don't have an email address you must stay at 3:00 to take a game quiz or exam that determins which level you are on. I your teachers will email you the questions and you must paste it on your microsoft notebook. Which will be apart of your exam supplies. If you don't have microsoft i will email you the questions.

Hi I'm cooking mama my classes are on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you have any concerns email our head master.


We have 3 students we need 12 more to join in Order to start our school year. We really need more femae students because males are out numbering us. If you are a female or male who would like to join go to NintendoAcademy.ning.com

Thank you

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