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Dogs are usefull animals for humans there are many kinds of dogs in the world and they catagarize for two main catagaries such as
(1) wild dogs
(2) domestic dogs
Dogs are mammels and live about 7-15 years.there is dog who lived 27 years.

This kind is called as Japanis spitz.some of them are very aggrasive to visiters but some are playfull this is a TOY dog

Great dane is the largest breed in dogs and chihuwahua is the smallest breed in world.

Great dane (Large breed)
chihuwahua (toy breed)
(German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer) The Boxer has a powerful, stocky body with compact muscles and square-shaped proportions. They have round, brawny necks that are well-muscled and do not possess any dewlap. Their front limbs are straight and parallel and their tails are carried high. The tails of this breed are usually docked, and the heads of this breed are proportioned to the size of the dog’s body. Their lower jaw curves upward and extends beneath their upper jaw, and neither teeth nor tongue are visible when the mouth is closed. Their large noses are dark in color and feature a pair of wide, open nostrils. The Boxer’s glossy, close-fitting, short-haired coat exists in a number of colors including fawn, brindle, red, and white. White markings may be present.

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