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i am 14 and i have loved nascar ever since i was 5 years old. Half of my family are Nascar fans. When the race is on there is no way you can get me and my grandma away from the tv. In all the races since it first came out in 1956 there has only been 1 person who died during a race. and the driver was Dale Ernharte he was a racing legend. and he died on the final lap during a race in 2000.

Nascar logo

this is one of the 1st race cars for nascar. it is a 1941 hudson a dirt rally in mexico

This is Jeff Gordon's car he was and still is my favorite nascar driver

this is my grandmas favorite driver

i saw kevin harvicks car at the walmart here

this was a 22 car crash at daytona speed way in 2003
but even pro drivers have bad crashes
Some people have said that the daytona speedway in florida is haunted and every race there are bad crashes there and some has also said that the speedway was built on an acient bariel ground

kyle bush in a car crash and flying into a fence, and people running

this is a bad crash at daytona speedway 3 laps after the begining. the #29 car at the top is kevin harvick. he was involved in it and his car was beond repair
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